Episode 1 - Suddenly a Baby Thanks to a Fall

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Episode 1 - Suddenly a Baby Thanks to a Fall

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“Waaait, Sou-kun!”

That voice rang out from behind as clearly as the clear skies themselves, and Asakura Souji turned around in response to it.

Over there was the unmistakable everyday sight that was her face. Her black hair that was so thoroughly dark as to seem painted in ink was done up in a ponytail that, as she came running towards him, was exactly like a horse’s tail as it swished about every which way.
And the expression she wore on her face was dazzlingly cheerful, to the point flowers in full bloom would’ve been taken by surprise.

“Fuu~, I finally caught up.”

She was visibly out of breath from that sprint. Her small mouth kept breathing out in short bursts as she held her chest.

“There’s no need to run, you know?”

Upon Souji saying that, she puffed out her cheeks and glared at him.

“Geez, then it would’ve been better if you’d waited for me! We are neighbors after all!”

This girl by the name of Amakawa Mayuki had lived next door since she was little -- the so-called childhood friend relationship. Being 146cm in height, she was a bit on the small side compared to the 176cm Souji. She had been determinedly trying to get past 150cm herself by drinking milk everyday, but unluckily enough she had instead ended up growing in a different regard.

Each step she took saw the two masses attached to her chest bounce up and down.

(Hhmm, they sure have grown…85? No, maybe 90? Hey now don’t tell me…)

Souji, demonstrating the sort of self-constraint that'd leave even top-class pitchers astonished, moved nothing but his eyes with tremendous speed to get a visual on his target. This was something he called the Flash Peek.

Those bountiful tracts seemed to just spontaneously take one's breath away, and it wasn't just Souji; the other male high schoolers walking nearby were showing poor attempts at restraint themselves.

However, the person in question, Mayuki, didn’t notice these signs at all. To be more precise, Mayuki wasn’t conscious of the fact that she basked in attention from the male students.

Along with having huge eyes, her skin had a baby-like smoothness and complexion to it. Add to that the radiant, charming smile that was the most striking of her features, and you could confidently call her a first-rate beauty.

At Amakawa Academy, where Souji and her attended, she even had her very own fanclub. And on that note: as the very name of Amakawa Academy may have already indicated to some, this Amakawa Academy had infact been founded by her relatives.
They may have been distant relatives, but the current board chairman was a much closer relative, so none of the guys were brave enough to do something as crazy as confessing to her.

But of course there were also those among them who hadn’t been able to hold back the tide of their feelings and had ended up confessing to her, only to be shot down in spectacular fashion. And additionally, regardless of how shaken they were by the damage received, her rejections had only seemed to keep getting ever more sharply worded as the rejected kept growing in number. All that was further reason no one dared to confess to her anymore.

That Amakawa Mayuki received the utmost care and admiration from everyone was a fact Souji was well aware of. He could bet all that stuff was what had led to it. Mayuki certainly wasn’t too concerned about all these admirers, but Souji knew that if he was seen walking to school with her, these guys would definitely give him hell for it.

This being the situation, he had purposely headed out earlier than her, and had made sure to avoid direct eye contact as well; but he could only sigh now that she’d ended up running after him like usual anyway.

Well, getting to see these things sway since morning is a plus and all but...

A glance at his surroundings made him sense both the killing intent and equally murderous gazes aimed his way. Of course, with there being that much combined envy from the other guys, it pretty much felt like spears stabbing him all over.

This not happening sure’d be best wouldn’t it...?

The way that boob monster kept smiling happily as they walked on prompted him to glare at her until...

“Hm? What happened?”

She adorably inclined her neck as if she truly didn’t understand the situation.

“*sigh*, nothing at all.”

Just let me be a shellfish. Having a childhood friend like her in my life is too much.

It was the fourth lesson, and then it was the long awaited lunch break.

“Wa~, Asakura-kun’s lunch is as colorful as ever~.”
“Ah, can I get something today too?”
“Me too me too!”

One way or another the female students always ended up crowding around. Cooking was certainly Souji’s hobby, no, housework as a whole was, but among that cooking was his main specialty.

Souji had made this lunch as well; from the looks of things, it had been this situation ever since the girls had once said his lunch looked good and he’d responded along the lines of “How about a bite?”
As it was apparently a hit with the girls’ tastes, this exchange of side dishes and the like happened frequently since. Once again, Souji was happy to have his own cooking praised and so kept this situation going by not saying anything.

It hurt seeing the glances Mayuki would give him on these occasions, but he completely ignored it. He ignored it because he didn’t want to get caught up in anything complicated from now on.

The classroom’s door suddenly opened (or at least he found it sudden), and the girls’ gazes immediately set about focusing that way. Why? Because their own school idol whom they called the Academy’s Prince had now appeared.
He was perfect to the point it wouldn’t be strange at all if he normally appeared on TV. Extraordinary reflexes, a very sharp mind, great looks; one could tell the girls were paying attention to him.
The name of this person was Ninomiya Kazuto. He was a senior from the second years.

The clicking of tongues could be heard from the guys, while the girls positively burst into adoration as they approached him. Nearly every girl was blushing as they looked at him. In fact, he too seemed to be getting every bit the admiration Mayuki did.
Now Souji was a guy as well. And how the other guys felt was something he knew clearly. At the very least, he certainly wanted to ask God how and why such a perfect human being had even been created. They said all men were created equal, but that was definitely just a load of hot air floating ever upwards, likely lacking even a single grain of truth.

Unlike Mister Perfect there, Souji’s reflexes were… average, his brain… average, his looks... average, his specialty… housework. Just where would any of that make him popular, exactly…?

Aaahh-ah, every guy this perfect can just go disappear...

If his stats were at least even just slightly above average, he could’ve expected a bit more high-pitched cheering from the girls, but the only words the girls ever drowned Souji in were demands for the side dishes in his lunch. He couldn’t possibly help but let out a sigh at that could he now?

But even among the girls, there was just one girl who kept stuffing her mouth and looking at Souji even now. She was...

“Hey there Amakawa-san, I came again to ask about lunch together but, do you mind?”

Ninomiya Kazuto wore a bright, ladykiller smile as he shot Mayuki that question. However, this went unnoticed by Mayuki to an honestly impressive extent. One of her friends proceeded to let her know, and then as if she finally noticed his existence,

“Eh? Ah… Ninomiya-senpai? What’s the matter?”
“... Well, I’m sure I was asking about lunch together.”

Ninomiya Kazuto had a somewhat stiffer expression now due to Mayuki’s attitude while still keeping his smile and facing her regardless. And so Souji, at the very moment Mayuki’s glance turned away, picked up his lunch and began getting out of the classroom. He wasn’t particularly up for getting involved in bothersome things. If Mayuki happened to ask him for help or anything at all here, Perfect Guy would surely consider Souji a complete enemy, and with how things were going there was a good chance he’d challenge him to some contest to see who was worthy of her or the like. He wanted to be spared that.

Souji left the classroom while carrying his lunchbox, climbed up the stairs that led to the rooftop built on the side of the building, and then saw a girl leaning against the fence that had been set up there to prevent falls.

She seemed to be talking about something on her phone. Judging from the words that had made it to his ears, it appeared her mother was on the other end. He opened the door at the end of the stairs, and the music room was pretty close by. When they wanted to use it, either the chorus club or the light music club would make a call in advance and have the place reserved for noon; but it was possible that they'd gone out today.

He quickly set course for the roof in the middle of that thought, and the moment he walked past that girl, it happened.

As he suddenly thought he heard a sound come from the fence the girl was leaning on, it went ker-CLANG and began to fall outwards.


From there it felt somewhat like time had just condensed at his very core. The angle between fence and floor was steadily widening, and the girl who'd been leaning on that fence was falling further outwards with it.

Souji ran the instant he noticed. Of course, that girl wasn't anyone he knew. She was pretty much a complete stranger. But at that moment it felt like she'd end up falling to her death at this rate.

Feeling like that yet still running, he desperately tried to reach out and grab the girl's arm; but feeling like he wouldn't make it, although Souji himself didn't know why he did what he did next, at that instant, he dived and wrapped up the girl in a protective embrace, and together the two of them plummeted headfirst towards the ground.

… Where exactly am I?

That was the first thought that entered his mind. His consciousness was being oddly clear. Then he let out an exasperated breath through his nose at having done something so stupid.
As he still had his consciousness, he knew that he hadn't died after having fallen from those stairs. But now his body couldn't move freely at all. It was like he was slightly paralyzed, no, that wasn't it... The sensation he felt was like his whole body had gotten weak.

He did find it obvious that he wouldn't be uninjured, but he had to wonder why his body wasn't hurting at all then.

… … Just what happened?

But not a moment later, he encountered something that brought his thoughts to a halt.

“Alri~ght, Souji~, itsh time for lunchies now~”

A woman he didn't recognize appeared before his eyes, her arms seeming to reach towards him; and suddenly his body had begun to float. The characteristic softness and scent of a woman was now tickling his senses.

As confusion set in, this woman gradually exposed all of her chest, and then...


He didn't know what was what anymore. With his body not really listening to him, and with the beautiful woman before him having suddenly acted in a very unreserved manner - confusion; a wholly transcendent level of confusion had now stopped his mind completely.

“Huh? I wonder what happened today. Even though he always gets hungry around this time...”

While the woman now had a troubled expression on her face, Souji was the one who was really troubled here. Souji was still a guy. To be frank, if boobs were out right in front of his face, he'd naturally be driven by an urge to reach out for them.

But with this being way too sudden, he had absolutely no idea what to do with those boobs.

A... dream? Y- yeah, a dream! I mean this is a lot like I'm actually a baby now!

If this was a dream, then it couldn't be helped. Thinking that, then convincing himself this was all possibly just him dreaming out of some corner of his mind having secretly wanted baby-play, he decided to reach out for now.

... … Soft.

Fuyon was probably the right sound effect for it. This being his first time touching a breast, Souji concentrated every single nerve on the feeling in his hand. But somehow the impassioned urges that he'd expected to feel from this weren't firing up.
Instead, upon him touching that breast, he was somehow enveloped by a sense of comfort and security that was every bit as warm as a sunny day.

This is almost like...

Right as his mind was going "Isn't this straight up being a baby?", his mouth was naturally going towards the center of the woman's breast. It felt to him like he was moving to peck it on instinct.
And then a peculiar feeling caught his attention.

Wh- Why am I getting a taste?

Yes, that was the sensation that quite clearly pointed this out to be reality. The woman's warmth, the breast milk actually having taste; it all broke through to his mind and told him this couldn't be a dream.

Wha... What exactly happened to meee...?!


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