Episode 3 - Manifesting Magic

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Episode 3 - Manifesting Magic

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When turning four years old, he heard how he would spent his life from now on from mother Kaina. At that time, the day he became Yoyo’s butler, his road was already formed, but he heard it again from mother.

Mother was the head maid of this mansion. Following that, her son, Souji’s indicated road of life was to serve Yoyo as her butler.
Although normally it was unpleasant to ride on the rail paved by someone else, Souji already thought that his life-calling was as a butler when he was still in Japan.

Cooking, washing, and cleaning, since he was small, was always done by himself because his house was dual-income so his parents always worked . Because of that, his housework skills already reached the top and surpassed the average housewives.

After all, Souji was originally the type that concentrated on what he did, so with that ability he might be suitable for housework that needed to be done with great detail.
Thanks to that, the person in question was relieved he was able to raise himself as a strong househusband that could do the housework. That was coupled with how he was happy to be able to improve his skill at cooking and cleaning. That’s why, there were times where he was seriously worried that he couldn’t make use of these skills in the future.
 本人もそのお蔭か、家事をしていると心底安心するという主夫心を強く育てることができているようだった。それに料理にしろ掃除にしろ、自分の腕が見る見 る向上していくのは楽しくもあった。だからこそ、将来的にこのスキルを活かした職業に就けないかと本気で悩んでいた時期もあったのだ。

But, he couldn’t just simply apply to work as a butler, in addition it wouldn’t work well in current society, so he could only give up on it.
Because of that, for such chance to appear, everything worked as he desired. Even his reason as he answered Yoyo’s demand, was probably also included in these desires.

By the way, the Crowtail mansion called 【Moriath】 was the largest mansion in this town. Yoyo’s father’s job, simply put, was an information broker. His information networks were vast, and a lot of people, from commoners up to nobles, seek the information held by Crowtail. He wasn’t only dealing with information but also put his hands in rare crystals and magic tool businesses. Having obtained high quality information, he sold the materials obtained from it. With his results admitted even by the country, the father quickly climbed to a noble.
 ちなみにクロウテイルの屋敷は【モリアート】と呼ばれる街の中で一番大きな屋敷である。ヨヨの父親が手がけている仕事は簡単に言えば情報屋である。その 情報は幅広く、平民から貴族まで多くの者たちがクロウテイルの持つ情報を求めてやって来る。また情報を売り買いするだけでなく、希少な鉱石や魔法具などの 商売などにも手がけている。高質な情報を得て、それを元に手に入れた素材を売ったりしているのだ。その実績は国にも認められ、父親は成り上がり貴族として 馳せたのだ。

At the day Souji turned five years old, he got a book related to magic as a present from mother Kaina, after he requested it.
From then on, for the sake of not being defeated by the current master’s daughter, he desperately memorized how to read and write. Although everyone in the mansion was surprised because a five year old child was capable of reading and writing, Yoyo only said, “It’s only a natural thing for my butler.” Having seen her relaxed and proud face, Souji felt somewhat happy.

Having turned five years old, he was going to be taught the fundamental attitude of how to work as a butler. Even so, Souji was able to choose the one that’d teach him.
Just like an arrow with a white feather, he chose Balmunk. When Balmunk had time to spare, he taught him about the mansion and Yoyo.

Because Yoyo had gone out in formal dress with her father nearly every day, he didn’t have the chance to come in contact with her, but when she had the time to spare, she’d shout, “Please study properly.”

Although this girl was still six years old, she was great at social intercourse such as having dinner together just like her father, and he heard she spent her days busily. Without even letting out an unpleased look, she kept a firm attitude.

However, in front of Souji, she showed her unexpected childish side. Talking about her father, grumbling about people from her previous work, and smiling as she talked about the invention of a new kind of plaything, this might be the real Yoyo or so he thought.

Previously, at the time he and Yoyo studied arithmetic, he inadvertently used a formula he learned as a highschool student, and when Yoyo saw that, an awkward atmosphere flowed around Souji. No matter how excellent Yoyo was, as expected it was a calculating formula she never seen before, so Souji tried to think of something as he looked at the unusual sky.
 以前、ヨヨと二人で算術の勉強をしている時、つい高校生で習う計算式を使って答えを導き出してしまい、それを見たヨヨとソージの間にえもいわれぬ空気が 流れた。それはそうだろう。いくら優秀なヨヨでも、さすがに見たことも聞いたこともない計算式を、自分よりも一つ下のソージが編み出したと思ったら変な空 気にもなる。

Having thought of making an excuse, he regretted that shallowness, but Yoyo immediately laughed and said, “That’s nice, teach me more of that method,” as she somehow didn’t pursue how he came to know that formula. Having thought it was strange, Souji was relieved while thinking someone else was reincarnated just like him.
 どう言い訳をしようかと思い、自分の浅はかさを後悔していたが、ヨヨはクスリと笑って「いいわね、その方法もっと詳しく教えなさい」と何故自分がそんな 計算式を知っているのか追求してはこなかった。不思議に思ったが、ソージとしてはまさか転生してきたんですとは言えずホッとしていた。

But, Yoyo didn’t say anything until the studying was finished, and although she said, “Someday… right?,” he could only be stupefied and said, “Eh?,” only to be replied with, “That’s face is a masterpiece, Souji,” as she laughed. It was Souji’s secret to have thought her smile was lovely as he admired her.

A certain day after he spent days as usual, he thought it was the time to practice his magic, and he set his feet towards the mansion’s backyard alone.
Souji had read the book about magic and was taught various things by Kaina, Balmunk, and even Yoyo. So, he began with the basics, sensing magic power.

First of all, magic power was the necessary power used to conjured magic, and it seemed magic power was extracted from the《Magic Core》 inside the body.

It seemed to exist on the other side of the heart, and the earthling Souji could sense his internal organs had increased. Well, it was a usual thing for this world.

By the way, those who use magic were called magicians. Because magic was a strong power, the ones who are capable enough to use it received preferential treatment in various ways.
With his eyes closed, Souji concentrated to sense the 《Magic Core》 that surely existed in his right chest. However, he could feel nothing.

(Nn~ how odd~ although it was written in the book….)

First, after sensing the 《Magic Core》 which existed inside his body, magic power was squeezed from there or so it was written.

(... anyway, let’s just try it again)

Although he had tried it several times, he felt nothing at all. And a certain thought appeared and his face became paled.

(D-Don’t tell me, I do not have talent in magic… something like that?)

Actually he had heard about people who didn’t carry a 《Magic Core》 inside their bodies. Moreover, there were also those who had a dysfunctionality of that. He was shocked when he thought he was either of the two.

(N-no no! That’s still unproven!)
(い、いやいや! まだ分からないじゃないか!)

After that, Souji repeatedly meditated every day. However, he was in a resigned mood because there was no development at all. Although he kept training because he wanted to surprise everyone by suddenly being capable of using magic, having thought those would end in vain, that created a lump in his throat that was filled by feeling more than just regret.

“What happened Souji? Is it that your magic training didn’t go well?”
「どうかしらソージ? 魔法の訓練は上手くいってるの?」

On a certain day, Yoyo asked him that, and immediately he asked back with “I wonder what are you talking about?” Then, the girl laughed, having seen right through him.

“If it’s a hidden training, then do it more skillfully. Having trained quietly in the backyard, did you think I, the master wouldn’t have noticed?”

Apparently, he was found out by his master. So,he couldn’t do anything except to report his progress.

“... I see, you are thinking you have no talent, right?”

Having seen the depressed Souji, Yoyo, fuh, was full of smile.

“It’s okay Souji”
“You’re the man I chose. Have more confidence.”
“You have talent. Surely it’ll come soon… … that’s why you shouldn’t show that resigned look”

The shock made him doubted if she was truly a six years old. And he could see halo behind her. Her words was as if she could foreseen what ahead. Souji held his breath, and just like the girl had said, he thought to struggling just a little more.

Several months had passed since he began the training, and finally he could felt the change inside his body. When he concentrated to sensed the inside of his right chest, heat was generated.

Following that, he continued to practice every day, and although he was not burned, he could felt it became considerably hotter. And that’s the point. At the moment his feeling became a passion, he could sensed something raging from the inside of his body.

Having thought of releasing this from the inside of his body, he made a thrusting motion out of curiosity, but he felt somewhat uneasy about it.

Actually magic was different depending on the person. There were no elements just like the ones inside light novels.
If there was a person who could manipulate the wind, then there was also someone who only could do magic that’s used to talk with animals. Although many magic resembled each other, the varieties were infinite.

That’s why, just what kind of magic Souji could do wouldn’t be known until it actually appeared. He had heard the method to investigated that seemed to existed inside the royal palace, and there was nothing in this town.

Therefore Souji wished.

Somehow, please pardon me from any strange magic!

That was followed by him wishing for it not to became a magic that wouldn’t be able to put into practical use, then he concentrated to sensed the thing which raging inside his body.
When he gripped the sensation that he could moved that something with his will, he slowly moved the sense towards his opened right palm. And in the middle of doing that, his stomach grumbled.

(... … yesterday stew, is there any remain of that?)

Having recalled the taste of yesterday stew, he thought of eating it again later. But at that moment, something suddenly appeared.

“... … … … … eh?”

What appeared on his opened right palm was――――――――――――――――――pure white flame.


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