Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks

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Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks

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After their confrontation, Lovna didn’t test Lisa’s strength again. Thus, she was all the more doubtful regarding the true purpose behind this woman with her extraordinary appearance and presence entering the barracks.

However, the authority of Aiwa’s father was above normal society. Even though she was a member of the royal family, she didn’t wish to offend Aiwa.

Lovna shot a glance towards Aiwa, stating without care nor blame: “There’s an empty room at the Medic Quarters, you can go live there! It would be scandalous if you brought a woman to live together at the male barracks!”

“Hehe, thank you, Captain Lovna! Where’s the room at?”

Aiwa was happy, expressing his appreciation with his words.

“Wait here, I’ll call for Xenova to guide you.”

Saying thus, Lovna circulated her Dou Qi, pointing her finger towards the Medic Quarters.

Looking at her actions, Aiwa deduced that Lovna was a Psychic. Each and every skilled Psychic could emit a signal with a range of 500m around them using their thoughts. Also, those who had receptors installed on them would naturally receive her signals. As a matter of fact, these signals couldn’t be used to transmit solid information but the urgency of the matter can be differentiated by using three different signal wavelengths. Long wave signals were used for ordinary affairs, whereas the medium wave signals for urgent affairs and the short wave signals for emergencies.

Xenova was Lovna’s liason officer. She had a receiving unit installed at her wrist that could receive Lovna’s thought signals.

The long wave signal just now had already informed Xenova that Lovna was near the vicinity of the barracks entrance and was waiting for her.

Xenova quickly sprinted towards the entrance of the barracks.

“Guide them to the empty room at the Medic Quarters and let them live over there temporarily after tidying it up.”

Lovna shot another glance towards Aiwa before leaving.

“Follow me!”

Xenova’s sight swept past Lisa’s figure, a faint hostility flashing past her eyes.

The Medic Quarters was located 200 meters past the entrance. It was separated from the barracks by a wall because the female soldiers lived there. Male soldiers weren’t allowed to enter inside without permission.

Passing the bathroom, the empty room was a little ahead.

Aiwa was about to enter, opening the room door till a moldy smell assailed him.

“Has no one lived here for a few months?”

Aiwa patted the bedding. Fortunately, it was still dry and clean.

“Can someone even live in such a damp place?”

Aiwa asked.

While the bedding was alright, Aiwa couldn’t tolerate the moisture. His feelings of gratitude towards Lovna had dissipated shortly.

“I think it’s fine, at least it’s more clean than the hotel rooms. As for the moisture, it’s no problem, I can handle that.”

Lisa didn’t take this very seriously.

“No problem, I can bring my quilt over.”

Xenova felt jealous of Lisa, yet she didn’t want Aiwa to suffer any wrongs.

Aiwa, who was thinking of showing off a moment ago, now felt very embarrassed.

“Is it really ok?”

“It’s fine.”

Xenova felt as if she had finally found a chance to do something for Aiwa, sending an affectionate glance towards Aiwa while she spoke.

Aiwa remained silent and could only give an apologetic smile: “Alright!”

After Xenova left the room, only Aiwa and Lisa were left inside.

Lisa ran her eyes all around the room, inspecting every nook to make sure there weren’t any hidden mechanisms.

She wasn’t a Psychic but she could use Dou Qi to accomplish this task. Finally, her sight fell on Aiwa’s face, saying: “It seems that little girl has a good impression of you.”

“Really? It might be because I’m handsome compared to those tramps at the barracks!”

Aiwa said, elating his own ego. Lisa curled her lips.

“What? You don’t believe me? Even a pretty woman like you is anxious to come to my bed. Just think about it, do you know among those whom I’m acquainted with, how many girls are my worshippers?”

“I feel as if you’re scared of that female captain?”

Lisa referred to Lovna.

“What? You think I can’t take care of her?”

Aiwa felt as if his ego had been challenged. His intense reaction was enough for Lisa to penetrate through his childishness.

“Why act so sensitive? I was just asking.”

Lisa laughed. At this time, Xenova had already walked in holding her quilt.

She personally laid the bedding for them with quick and ordered movements. Aiwa stood behind her, gazing at her curvy ass, the desire to fuck that asshole rousing within him. At the time Xenova’s ass rose up while laying the bedding, Aiwa walked forward and clutched her ass. A tent had already risen at his groin, its apex poking just right at her anus.

Xenova stopped moving but didn’t turn back. Aiwa’s hands moved past her underarms, gripping her pair of breasts. She seemed more charming when dressed than naked to Aiwa.

Aiwa fondled her breasts repeatedly, before letting her go. She continued to arrange the bedding evenly for Aiwa. Actually, it was already arranged properly long ago, she was merely reluctant to leave here. Just now, he had embraced her in front of Lisa, fondled with her breasts. This made her really happy, making her feel as if she floating within the clouds.

He set about again, directly sticking his hand towards Xenova’s groin region by following her curvy ass down the back before grabbing.

The grab was quite rugged, directly touching her plump labia as well as her clitoris, making her body tremble.

Lisa seemed to have forgot her identity and glanced at Aiwa ferociously. According to her tyrannical nature, she would not permit Aiwa to play around with another woman in front of her.

However, Aiwa didn’t mind her but rather laughed proudly before releasing Xenova, letting her leave the room.

The sun slowly dimmed its radiance but it still hadn’t sunk past the western mountain.

The whole barracks seemed to have been covered by a dense thick screen. After a few loud and clear bugle horn sounds, the large barracks sunk into silence.

Within the darkness, a seductive silhouette neared the room Aiwa and Lisa resided in. Right now, Aiwa had already stripped naked, parting his legs at the bedside. In front of him, Lisa was the same, naked, kneeling in front of the bed on top of a cushion. Her hands clasped around Aiwa’s huge meat rod, stroking it as she sucked it in and out of her mouth.

His meat rod was wriggling with veins popping outwards from it hyperaemic state, similar to thick earthworms crawling atop that jade pillar. Lisa’s mouth took his meat rod deep inside and slowly released it out, drenching that jade pillar in her glittering and satiny saliva.

Aiwa enjoyed the scene of a woman appreciating his meat stick in this kind of posture. But this made Lisa’s vulva feel hollow and lonely. Thereupon, at the same time he enjoyed Lisa’s sucking, he decided to release the lewd serpents he hadn’t used in a while.

Since he had absorbed the essence from several virgins as well as had sex with virgins possessing profound power, his two lewd serpents had also matured a lot. Although there wasn’t a difference in their size, their strength had become more powerful. If one squeezed inside a woman, it was certain that the woman would be unable to tolerate it. Moreover, the more a woman squeezed on it, the more vigorous its body would become.

Aiwa operated the Yin technique steadily. Gradually, a pink fog began to pervade the room.

A small serpent flew out from within the smoke. Spiralling in the sky, it wound around Lisa’s body, following along her glossy back as it drilled into her butt cleavage.

The lewd serpent was born out of Aiwa’s thoughts, it could be said to be an extension of Aiwa’s thoughts; what it felt, Aiwa felt.

While Lisa sucked Aiwa’s huge member, Aiwa released the lewd serpent to crawl at Lisa’s butt cleavage. It didn’t enter within Lisa’s body at first but rather extended its forked tongue to lick around her dripping wet flesh cave entrance. The ice cold caress of the serpent at her labia gave Lisa a refreshed feel, just like placing a jade rod between the legs during summer.

“Mmmn … … Mmmn … …”

Lisa moaned constantly. The pleasure the lewd serpent brought to her butt cleavage made her entire body relax. She sucked the meat rod while wiggling her plump buttocks.

Right now, a pair of eyes were staring at the activity within the room with rapt attention from outside the window. Of course, those eyes belonged to a woman.

The woman outside the window was none other than Captain Lovna.

The reason she had arranged for Aiwa and Lisa to be in this room was so that she could observe that suspicious woman, Lisa.

To her, Aiwa was merely a womanizer who didn’t necessarily have some kind of scheme and was perhaps muddled by this foxy woman. If Lisa was indeed a spy from the Wolf Kingdom, then it would be dangerous for the battalion stationed at Hohfeld. Therefore, as a Psychic in charge of internal security, Lovna had to clarify this mysterious woman’s identity.

Right now, Lovna was watching the naked Lisa grasp Aiwa’s meat road and taste it through the small hole on top of the window. She couldn’t see the lewd serpent crawling around Lisa’s waist and thigh, only able to see her wriggling plump snowy ass.

Looking at the things happening inside the room, amorous feelings rippled within Lovna. She tried her best to suppress her rising desire, she felt her body betray her thoughts, her vulva gradually dripping wet. She believed Lisa definitely didn’t enter inside a Hass Empire barracks just to make love with Aiwa and surely had some other malicious intentions.

The lewd serpent slowly withdrew its snake head and then suddenly drilled inside Lisa’s flesh cave.

Even though Lisa couldn’t see that lewd serpent, she could feel a coarse and fine meat rod-like thing drill inside her honey cave, directly till her stamen. It slowly retreated outwards and then drilled inside again. That sensation resembled the thrusts from an actual meat rod.

Lisa moans grew louder and louder; Aiwa knew it was due to the lewd serpent’s mischief. Her flesh cave continuously contracted due to the pleasure but the lewd serpent nevertheless continued to provoke Lisa’s vulva no matter how hard it squeezed onto the serpent.

The pink mist within the room grew denser and gradually Lovna lost sight of Lisa, only being able to hear Lisa’s immoral moans from within the pink mist.

At this moment, Aiwa released the second lewd serpent. It spiralled in cycles within the room twice and suddenly flew towards the hole on the window.

Lovna was a Psychic; she faintly felt as if some incorporeal thing had flown in front of her but couldn’t see what it was. She believed it was just a misconception and didn’t investigate it, instead bringing her attention back to the pair making love within the room. She didn’t notice the lewd serpent get into her clothes.

The lewd serpent first visited her cleavage, then leapt out, continuing towards her legs, directly towards her private zone.

Lisa was going to orgasm soon, so Aiwa changed his primary target onto Lovna’s body.

He sent the lewd serpent towards her dripping wet vulva, making it lick her tender labia flesh before drilling inside.

Lovna was already aroused after watching the scene of Lisa sucking Aiwa’s meat rod, completely filled to the brim with spring fluids. After the serpent drilled inside her, that sensation became all the more hard to bear. Lovna couldn’t help but begin fondling her own breasts.

However, no matter how much she fondled them, it couldn’t eliminate the itch at her vulva.

After the lewd serpent drilled in, he not only made it thrust there but also lick her stamen with its forked tongue in a controlled fashion. Each lick gave birth to a spell of wondrous itching at the abyss of Lovna’s body, spreading out throughout her entire body. She felt as if her flower bud was being milled by a huge meat rod continuously.

“Ohhh… … Mmmnn… …”

Lovna couldn’t bear the torment of the lewd serpent, unconsciously releasing out a moan. She didn’t think Aiwa had discovered her, though he had actually found her at the moment she’d reclined against the window to peep inside the room.

Lisa was also suffering terribly under the persecution of the other lewd serpent at the time Lovna was moaning.

Since she had no need to restrain herself, she wriggled as much as she could. On the other hand, Lovna couldn’t utter a word even though she felt unwell, unable to make any huge movements at all. The feeling was very painful.

She could only stuff her clothes into her mouth and bite with all her strength in order to not issue any sounds.

The persecution of the lewd serpent was a bit different from the thrusts of Aiwa’s meat rod. Lisa felt increasingly unwell from the lewd serpent’s continuous drilling. She suddenly released Aiwa’s meat rod out, crying out: “Aiwa… … fuck me, quick!”

She didn’t wait for Aiwa to agree and got up, riding across Aiwa’s groin. She guided his member, allowing it to penetrate inside her body. Since her vagina was overflowing with sexual secretions, the huge meat rod thrust in easily, followed by a “swish” sound of jade fluids splashing outwards. Although Lovna couldn’t see the scene, she could hear those alluring sounds.

Right now, she was imagining Aiwa’s huge meat rod thrusting inside her own vagina.

“Aaahhhh… … Ooohhh… …”

Lovna moaned silently outside the window, while Aiwa began to thrust his meat rod inside Lisa’s vagina. He let her rise and fall, releasing and engulfing his meat rod.

Each time Lisa let Aiwa’s meat rod break away, she would let it thrust even deeper. She wiggled her butt at the right timing to let his firm member mill her stamen.

“Aaaaahhhh… … Ooohhh… …”

Lisa screamed frantically, her hands doing their utmost to fondle her plump snowy breasts. She had already reached the zenith of her orgasm.

A burst of sexual fluids engulfed Aiwa’s meat rod. However, Aiwa hadn’t cum yet. He poked at her apex, making her entire body feel limp.

“Waa… … Aiwa… … cum quickly… … I can’t take it anymore… …”

Lisa’s rising and falling body had completely lost its rhythm, her body quivering uncontrollably. Sometimes, Aiwa’s meat rod would break away from her body, her muscles incredibly tense. Her vagina would start feeling unwell when he would leave it and she would once again insert it inside.

Lovna had also begun to moan after hearing Lisa’s scream. However, her moans were completely suppressed under Lisa’s loud screams though Aiwa could clearly hear them.

Even though she couldn’t see what was happening within the room, she still tried her best to peep.

At the same time, Aiwa had also reached his orgasm. When he felt the semen reach his glans, he suddenly pushed Lisa from atop his body and raised his firm meat spear towards the small hole on top of the window.

Aiwa’s semen accurately spurt out, all of it shooting outwards that small hole.

Lovna didn’t have the time to evade; Aiwa’s semen spattered all across her face.

She believed Aiwa had ejaculated towards her face by a random chance. She wiped it, licking that fishy odour semen into the mouth.

That lewd serpent had stopped licking her stamen and had started thrusting at her vagina with a rapid pace. This allowed Lovna to reach her orgasm merrily.

Aiwa still hadn’t finished cumming. Lisa clasped onto Aiwa’s meat rod within the pink mist.

“What are you doing?… … Why didn’t you cum inside me?”

Her voice shuddered. She pulled Aiwa’s meat rod towards her vulva again. His spear was drenched in love fluids, though it still had strength remaining in it. It shot towards her flower bud and ejaculated again, making Lisa’s lovely body tremble from the hit.

Lisa also puffed out a spell of sex fluids. Aiwa silently absorbed the large amounts of life energy within it. He made his Dou Qi lead it around his body in fixed itinerary as it quickly transformed into Aiwa’s personal energy.

When Aiwa used a part of the life energy, focusing it toward his eyesight, he was able to see through the window and glimpse Lovna’s licentious drunken state.

Aiwa suddenly pushed away Lisa and rushed out naked.

However, by the time he had opened the door, Lovna had already disappeared into the darkness. She revealed a graceful silhouette even as she escaped from the scene.

Aiwa snickered within the darkness. Although he wasn’t able to thrust his meat rod inside her naked body this time, the sensation he felt through the lewd serpent was pretty good. Her vagina had squeezed onto his lewd serpent quite vigorously, as if it was clamping onto his meat rod.

“Who was it?”

Lisa’s ability to perceive her surroundings was a notch higher than Aiwa’s but she hadn’t taken note of anything outside the window as she’d thrown herself into the sex wholeheartedly.

“It was a cat.”

He knew Lovna doubted Lisa’s identity but he couldn’t explain it to her clearly right now. If he said to her that she was following him in order seize back her throne, would Lovna believe him? Moreover, he was merely a playboy in her eyes because last time’s win had been through the use of a group besiege method, a somewhat one-sided battle. How would a prideful woman like Lovna believe he was capable of assisting Lisa seize back her throne in the future?

Lisa following after Aiwa as his sex slave was also a completely helpless matter. She had no other choice but to believe Aiwa because he had already planted a Chaste Gu within her body. Most of all, she was inseparable from Aiwa for her entire lifetime now.

Aiwa had already informed her that if she tried to have sex with other men, then that man’s member would soften within her body. It was indeed a vicious Yin technique! She didn’t know if this was true or not but she dared not to experiment as she wished.

Hence, Lisa hated Aiwa, yet she was powerless and could only listen and obey to Aiwa’s arrangements.

Despite the fact that Aiwa was quite formidable and could make a woman experience the taste of happiness, relying on her personality, she would have never agreed to become his sex slave if it wasn’t for him using that vicious Yin technique.

When she had made love with Aiwa just now, she had faintly heard some strange sounds from outside the window but hadn’t minded them because this was the inside of a Hass Empire’s barracks. She believed there wouldn’t be any danger since the security was quite strict.

Even if there was any danger, they wouldn’t have been able to even hurt her hair just by relying on the strength of the Hass Empire personnel here.

Both of them had promoted themselves from the sexual intercourse they had just now. However, the results weren’t much because they had only paid attention to the pleasure and neglected to practice their energy.

“What were you trying to do by shooting the essence towards outside the window?”

To her, it was a rare product that possessed a large amount of energy and could also be used to improve her beauty simultaneously. She felt Aiwa had been too wasteful.
“Hehe, if you want to drink, I still have more.”

Aiwa objected. He was at the prime of his youth, completely brimming with essence.

“If you don’t treasure these things, you’ll perhaps be unable to use them in the future!”

Lisa gently caressed Aiwa’s face while rebuking him.

“I’ll remember it.”

“Since you’ve made me your sex slave, think of ways I can satisfy you, you can’t merely waste your energy in vain. Don’t forget, you promised me. It would be too cruel if you made me wait for my entire lifetime!” Lisa said conscientiously. She really didn’t wish for Aiwa to consider her stake as a joke; she couldn’t afford to lose.

“Feel relieved, you believe I’ll be willing to be a minor figure forever? I want to obtain all the beautiful women in the entire world! Without enough power, how will I be able to achieve my ambition?”

“You have an ambition?”

Aiwa curled his lips and laughed.

“As they say: ‘Like Father, Like Son!’. My father is the Generalissimo of the Hass Empire, how could I achieve less than him?” Aiwa took Lisa into his embrace. Lovna’s flirtatious figure leaning across the windows flashed past his mind, followed by the noble yet seductive image of Queen Sofia.

His next target would be to settle Captain Lovna and then capture Queen Sofia’s affection step by step.

When considering the aspect of appearance, perhaps Sofia wasn’t as pretty as Lovna. However, her temperament and charm, that gaze which could melt any man, were something Aiwa was unable to forget.

During the time he had come in touch with the Queen, Aiwa had already felt the Queen seemingly have interest in him towards as the opposite sex, though, he still didn’t have much assurance.

“I heard you married the Princess of Tanzya, is this true?”

Lisa nestled deeply into Aiwa’s embrace, querying about the news she had heard en route.

“It would be a real honor if I could marry one of the princesses of the Hass Empire!”

Aiwa couldn’t help but sigh.

Hass had two princesses. The elder one was named Aini and the younger one, Linda. Both of them had angelic appearances, elegant and unrivalled. Aiwa had only seen them once because they had to study at the Imperial Academy and weren’t allowed out of the Imperial Palace easily.

“I heard your Hass Empire has a pair of pretty twin princesses, you’re referring to Aini and Linda?”

Each time Lisa had set out from her home at the depths of Khalila Grand Canyon, she would only ask about the information regarding her home, that is, the Wolf Kingdom. Since she had asked about Aiwa’s news on the road, she had also heard some of the matters regarding the Hass Empire. She heard that the Hass Empire had beat the Wolf Kingdom in a battle recently, and that it had been an unprecedented example of defeating many by using few. The person in charge of the command was a young officer named Aiwa. Were it not for this, she wouldn’t have hurried over here so quickly.

“That’s right. I have also seen them only once. It would be impossible to obtain the affection of the princesses without sufficient power. Only, believe me. Her Majesty The Queen has already bestowed a unique rare sword to me. It’s said to be the Dragon Sword of the Dragon-Phoenix Swords. I think it ought to have exceptional might, though, it’s a regret that I don’t know the location of the Phoenix Sword.”

“How could the Queen be willing to bestow it to you if it’s a rare treasure?”

“How would I know?”

“Maybe she wants you to find the Phoenix Sword for her?”

Lisa’s eyes shone with a glitter after saying so.

“And if I’m unable to find it?”

Aiwa realized that this was the Queen’s real intention.

“That would make her disappointed in you, she naturally wouldn’t marry her daughter to trash like you then!”

“There’s no need to attack me so harshly, okay? Haven’t we met again after a long time?”

Aiwa didn’t like hearing this kind of demoralizing talk.

“Can you let me take a look at the Dragon Sword? I heard before that there existed a pair of Dragon-Phoenix Swords in this world, though it’s a pity I couldn’t see them. I didn’t expect one of them to fall into your hands!”

“It’s not with me right now.”

Aiwa sighed.

Not because he had lost the Dragon Sword but rather that he didn’t have a single clue towards fulfilling the expectations of Her Majesty The Queen to find the Phoenix Sword.

“Are you afraid I’ll rob it? I belong to you, can’t you be at ease? Do you think I’ll run away? You’re really narrow minded!”

“It’s really not with me right now.”

Aiwa felt embarrassed to admit that he had let a girl steal it away.

“Isn’t it just a common dagger? This princess doesn’t want to see it!”

Saying thus, Lisa turned away from Aiwa, facing her back towards him as she showed a somewhat angry appearance.

“I’ll let you take a look after it’s delivered back tomorrow, since it’s with my friend right now.”

“How could you give such a precious thing to someone else? Don’t let the Queen ever know this!”

“Hehe, she’s merely safeguarding it for me and will give it back tomorrow.”

Aiwa was confident of it because he had planted a Chaste Gu within Cassia’s body. If she didn’t deliver the dagger back, he would surely let her suffer the taste of the Chaste Gu.

“Lisa, you won’t hate me for killing so many of your fellow citizens, right?”

“Those you’ve killed were my enemies, I still haven’t had enough time to rejoice and you think I’ll hate you?”

Lisa turned back to come over and embrace Aiwa.

He laid there, silently reciting the Yin technique to circulate the Dou Qi along its path for a few cycles. He discarded all the distracting thoughts after sensing his power promote a bit, slowly drifting into slumberland.


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Re: Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks

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Volume 6 Chapter 6: Action of the Gu Insect

After waking up the following day, Aiwa thought of making Cassia bring back the Dragon Sword. If not, then he wouldn’t be able to justify his claim to Lisa. After all, Aiwa was a boy who was quite sensitive about losing prestige; he didn’t like anyone looking down on him, let alone his own sex-slave.

Lisa had already left the room for a breather as Aiwa sat down on the bed. He circulated his Dou Qi, using his thoughts to make Cassia hurry up.

Aiwa wasn’t a Psychic but the Dou Qi technique he practiced was special; he could use his thoughts to control the Gu insect he planted within women and arouse their passion.

Cassia wouldn’t have known who was summoning her if Aiwa hadn’t informed her beforehand. He could control the Gu insect after planting it inside Cassia to arouse her passion. Moreover, after the Gu insect starts acting, the target would start longing for him and try to find him.

Cassia naturally knew that Aiwa lived in the barracks. She, who was fond of the nightlife, was originally taking a lazy nap. While the early morning sunshine was peeking in through the window, Aiwa’s thoughts had already begun to rouse the Gu insect within her body, making her suddenly feel an itch at her quim.

When it began, Cassia had thought that it was the after-effect of Aiwa violating her body. She thought she had become infatuated to that thing of his but then soon began feeling something was fishy because her desire grew more and more intense. She felt as if a serpent had drilled inside her vulva, pushing through her vagina.

In the beginning, she merely moaned and wriggled softly atop the bed, but she started rolling on the bed after a few minutes due to feeling unwell.


Her moans became more and more erotic. By this time, she understood that the matter Aiwa had spoken before wasn’t just to scare her. She thought she would’ve been able to endure just by relying on her mental fortitude but the sensation she felt gradually became more and more intense. It came to the point that she wasn’t able to endure it anymore.

“Aiwa..You bastard!”

Cassia rolled atop the bed, suffering whilst she rained down curses upon him.

She closed her eyes, imagining Aiwa’s figure at her vulva, tormenting her private zone.

Apparently, Aiwa’s words were indeed true. The only method to relieve this pain would be for her to go find Aiwa.

Cassia rolled down the bed while enduring the sense of pain. She carelessly dressed up, grabbed Aiwa’s sword and made for the Hohfeld barracks.

Aiwa urged the Chaste Gu on Cassia’s body up to the point she couldn’t tolerate it and then slowly withdrew his Dou Qi before getting up from the bed.

“What’s up? Why don’t you sleep in a little longer? There’s doesn’t seem to be anything major happening at the barracks.” she asked.

Aiwa responded while looking at the tranquil barracks.

“Our soldiers would have lived a comfortable life if your Wolf Kingdom hadn’t come to invade us.”

“Can you not lump me together with them? I am your friend!” She shot back.

Lisa glanced at Aiwa affectionately.


Aiwa curled his lips: “Did you forget what you’re to me?”

“My mistake! Master!”

Lisa hurriedly went along with Aiwa, addressing him as ‘master’. She had no choice but to act according to his wishes since she still had to depend on this youngster.

“Say, will your friend really bring back the sword today?”

Lisa asked.

“Ought to be no problem!”

At this time, Aiwa saw Xenova just leave her room and glance towards his side. Aiwa quickly called her.

“Xenova, can you take a look at the entrance to check whether a girl called Cassia is looking for me? If so, please bring her here directly.”

Saying thus, Aiwa returned back to the bed.

Cassia had reached about half the way there when she suddenly felt that painful feeling disappear. She thought: “Was I too sensitive?”

She stood there, hesitating for a while, thinking whether or not to give back the sword. Was his Chaste Gu technique really that fierce?

After waiting for a while, that feeling didn’t return back.

Cassia laughed loudly, making the pedestrians hurrying towards their work look at her.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen such a beautiful woman?”

Cassia arched her waist, glaring at those looking at her. They shifted their gazes away and continued towards their work.

She spun the sword between her fingers a few times and then turned back towards her residence.

Aiwa had already guessed Cassia’s nature, he knew she wouldn’t return the sword back easily unless she experienced a few sufferings.

Thereupon, Aiwa sat down on the bed and circulated his Dou Qi once more to operate the spell.

Cassia had just turned back to walk a few steps when she suddenly felt the pain return. If she had been at her home, she could have caressed that damned region to relieve herself, but she was in the middle of the street right now, how could she extend her hand towards that region?

To return back home or to go towards the Hohfeld headquarters, Cassia wasn’t able to make a decision.

After a minute, that painful sensation had again reached an intolerable level.

“Aiwa, you bastard! Stop this shit!”

Cassia couldn’t stand and helplessly squatted down.

After waiting till the pain had alleviated a bit, she was able to stand up and walk a few steps. However, that feeling had quickly come back to attack her.

She didn’t hesitate anymore and sprinted towards the barracks whilst she was still capable of enduring it.

By the time she reached the entrance of Hohfeld’s barracks, she was panting. Lo’ and behold, Xenova was also there waiting for her.

Xenova recognized her at a glance.

“What did you come here for?”

Xenova asked unhappily while glaring at Cassia, she had already seen the dagger in her hand.

“I … … I came … … to return back Aiwa’s sword … …”

It had become difficult for her to breathe after sprinting so quickly added onto the suffering she had to endure due to Aiwa’s spell. Cassia really couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Give the sword to me!”

Xenova stretched out her hand.

However, Cassia didn’t give it to her.

“No … … I have to personally hand it over to him.”

Cassia supported herself by placing her hand on the doorpost, doing her best to breathe.

Xenova didn’t pity Cassia who seemed to be suffering. It was her who had stolen Aiwa’s sword and made him worry. Xenova really cared about Aiwa, she naturally didn’t wish for him to feel wronged.

“No … … I have to make him stop the pain on my body … …”

“What pain?”

Xenova looked at her unhappily. As they were both girls, she had no qualms in kicking this thief out.

“Please go in … … and inform him … … say that … … Cassia is waiting here for him and has brought the sword back.”

That sensation of pain hadn’t stopped again, she didn’t want to shame herself here.

“Or else … … let me go in!”

Cassia pleaded Xenova with a sorry look.

“Come in!”

Xenova had already heard from Aiwa to let her in. She merely wanted to bother this dishonorable little thief. Who asked her to steal that thing!

Cassia followed behind Xenova, wishing she could pounce on Aiwa’s body. She still hadn’t seen even his shadow as she walked along the long path.

When they reached in front of Aiwa’s room, Lisa was standing out there.

“Who is this?”

Lisa asked while sizing up Cassia.

“This is the person Aiwa was trying to find.”

Xenova replied neutrally. She didn’t have any good opinion of this woman called Lisa and didn’t wish to acknowledge her. She brushed past her shoulder and didn’t even avoid her as she walked by her.

In the midst of all this, Aiwa sat on the bed; he had already heard Cassia’s voice.

“It’s still so early in the morning, why are you in such a hurry?”

Aiwa turned back to look at Xenova lead Cassia inside the room and laughed.

“You’ve tormented me so much! Hurry up … … Stop that Gu technique of yours!”

Cassia pounced towards Aiwa and embraced his neck. That dagger had already been taken by Xenova, she wouldn’t permit anyone carrying a lethal weapon to enter the room.

“What? Have you also fell under his Gu technique?”

Lisa questioned after entering inside. Xenova turned back to glance at Lisa after hearing this sentence, that intention was as if to ask, “What do you mean by ‘Have you fell under his’s Gu technique’?”

Lisa immediately realized that she divulged this part due to her impatience.

“There’s no need to remove it. Did you enjoy that sensation?”

Aiwa had no intentions of becoming soft-hearted after hearing her plead. This was simply Cassia reaping the consequences of her own actions. This girl really liked to play tricks, he wasn’t moved by her act. If it wasn’t for his vicious Gu technique, she absolutely wouldn’t have returned that thing so quickly.

“Aiwa, I beg you. Please release me from that Gu technique!”

Cassia undressed as she spoke. Although Aiwa had stopped operating the spell, how could the sexual desire that had aroused within her disappear so quickly!

She shamelessly stripped down her clothes, standing absolutely naked in front of Aiwa.

“I beg you, make me feel well!”

Cassia pounced towards him again, pressing her plump breasts against Aiwa’s face.

“It’s really early, I still haven’t even had breakfast! Where will I find the energy to help you?”

Aiwa refused purposely.

“No..you have to help me right now..my body feels strange..”

She had already taken the initiative by spreading her legs as she straddled across Aiwa’s body.

Lisa, standing to the side, naturally knew what kind of sensation it was. Only, Aiwa hadn’t used it to deliberately persecute Lisa. The Gu within those women whom Aiwa had administered would flare up in specific intervals of time, otherwise, it would normally remain sleeping inside their body, completely calm and silent. When it wakes up, it would absorb the nutrition from the woman’s body which wasn’t easy for a woman to endure.

“Aiwa, don’t keep her suffering.”

Though Lisa would appear to be demonic, she was actually a soft-hearted woman. Her nature had become antisocial due to living alone at Khalila Grand Canyon for the past few years, making her outward appearance seem ice-cold.

“Considering your senior sister’s feelings, I’ll let you off this once. Are you still unhappy? Why don’t you start by helping me undress?”

Aiwa stretched his arms.

Cassia immediately obeyed his order so that he could help alleviate the pain. She undressed him, and thereupon hastily laid across Aiwa’s body, grabbing his huge member and guiding it towards her vulva.

However, that meat rod remained soft as before because Aiwa had blocked his yang channel. Cassia couldn’t succeed in squeezing it in no matter how much she tried.

“Aiwa, I beseech you! Please make it erect quickly!”

“Do something yourself. Perhaps using your mouth to suck it once may do it.”

Aiwa laid there, adopting a lazy posture.

Lisa couldn’t help but chuckle seeing his shameless behaviour. She knew Aiwa was intentionally teasing her.

As expected, Cassia stooped down to grab Aiwa’s meat rod with her hands, brought towards her mouth and began sucking it.

Cassia’s technique wasn’t skilled, her teeth would inevitable scratch Aiwa’s member but he still felt quite pleasant. The more this amateur girl sucked it, the more pleasure he felt.

She worked hard at sucking his huge member until the meat rod gradually began to swell up. It still hadn’t finished becoming erect but Cassia could wait no more by this time. She got up, grabbed his meat rod once more, taking it towards her quim.

“Sss … …”

Followed by her delighted moan, that huge meat rod lunged into her flesh hole. Her honey pot was already brimming due to the torment from Aiwa’s Gu technique, overflowing with fluids. She nimbly moved her body up and down, giving rise to sweet-sounding, “Swish, Swish” sounds of sex fluids splashing out.

Since Cassia had also stripped nude, her jade hares at her bosom would jiggle along with her movements.

Cassia stretched her arms backward to support herself by placing them at Aiwa’s knees, enabling her to move with more freedom.


Cassia moaned merrily as Aiwa’s meat spear jabbed at her flower bud, causing her body to tremble.

Aiwa could feel her honey path squeezing onto his member with great force, making it unable for it to harden to its limit. He felt his mood run high as he looked at Cassia’s intoxicated expression.

Cassia was unable to bow down to kiss Aiwa as she was heaving her body up and down, leaving her with the only choice to lick her own lips.

All this was observed by Xenova to the side. She slowly walked forwards, embraced Cassia’s body from behind to fondle her lovely breasts. Along with that, she kissed her neck, making Cassia’s sullen mood from a few seconds ago disappear in an instant.

Her kiss gradually moved along her neck, climbing up towards Cassia’s face, landing right atop her little lips and slid her tongue inside. Both of their tongues entwined with each other.

Cassia had already reached her first orgasm by the time Xenova had started sucking onto her fragrant tongue. She could sense and uncontrollable tide start to amass within her quim. Her body trembled as the tide rushed outwards. She sucked Xenova’s tongue with force, both her hands tightly grabbing onto Aiwa’s knees.

Cassia’s vagina crazily squelched onto Aiwa’s member. She drove down, not daring to budge even while Xenova was still fondling her perky breasts.

One naked, the other in military attire; two pretty girls indulged in immorality. Aiwa’s meat spear subconsciously flared up within Cassia’s honey pot, making her lovely body quiver.


She suddenly released Xenova’s tongue, releasing an enchanting moan.

After a few minutes, Cassia finally felt relieved. Her desire was intense no more, but she was still reluctant to part from that sensation. Thereupon, she slowly began to move her body again.

She raised her butt to let Aiwa’s meat rod slowly pull out from within her body and then again pushed down, right until the glans poked at her flower bud. She then made it softly mill that bud.

The pleasure from it made her feel limp all over her body.

Lisa, standing aside, couldn’t remain calm after seeing this scene in front of her. She also stripped her clothes and climbed onto the bed. She parted her legs to sit astride Aiwa’s neck so he could lick her vulva.

Fluids were overflowing out even before Aiwa had licked her. He extended his tongue to lick the glistening bead, taking the dewdrops into his mouth.

Those dewdrops had one kind of sweet flavour. Since Lisa lived a lonely life within the deep valley, her looks had the essence of the sun and moon, as well as had inhaled the dew from the lush grass, far away from the poisons of man. Therefore, her body fluids had one kind of fragrant and sweet flavour.

The flavour of the secretions at her quim was even more conspicuous. Aiwa felt as if he was licking the sparkling dew drops from a fragrant crow grass.

Lisa hadn’t sat down entirely. She actually maintained a vague boundary. Spreading her legs by relying on her strength, her private zone just touched Aiwa’s lips.

Aiwa’s lips softly touched her labia without making much effort to lick them. She enjoyed the sensation of that feeble contact. Softly swiveling her butt enabled her to adjust her body’s position according to the sensations she felt, thus letting Aiwa save his strength.

Aiwa’s could feel her labia suck like an infant’s mouth as his lips snuggled upwards. That sensation felt like a kiss.

Right now, Cassia, riding across Aiwa’s crotch, had reached her second orgasm. A surging tide squirted outside. She didn’t dare to move anymore as if Aiwa’s huge member within her body poked at her flower bud once again, it would surely take her life.

“Aaaahhh..Ooohhh..I’m at my limit..”

She struggled to get free from Aiwa’s body while screaming but Xenova was tightly embracing her body, kissing her neck as her hands madly fondled her huge breasts.

Lisa had also been influenced by Cassia, making violent movements suddenly. Her labia swept past Aiwa’s lips with force, sex fluids splashing out as a tide puffed into Aiwa’s mouth.

Currently, the only one devoid of soothing from Aiwa was Xenova. After seeing Lisa and Cassia satisfy themselves, he pushed those two women aside and then embraced the besotted Xenova. She had worn a military uniform of a Medic, a knee level skirt adding onto the sexiness of her slender legs.

Aiwa fiercely groped her breasts twice, making Xenova moan. Her breasts spring from under the uniform like two mounds.

“You must surely be craving for it there?”

Aiwa’s hand left those high mounds and stretched under her skirt. His hand caressed along her glossy jade legs towards her drenched panties.

He didn’t pull them down but rather slowly raised her skirt, exposing her lush green army panties. Xenova obediently laid atop the bed, her lustful eyes gazing at Aiwa.

Aiwa turned over, stretched his hands inside her panties and pulled. Followed by a ‘Chi’ sound, a tear was visible in the soiled panties.

He could see her tender, wet, snowy vulva through that small slit. Her minge had been shaved away by Aiwa just recently. That whole lush mound seemed like a glossy white jade that had been polished, making it seem cute.

Xenova’s body shuddered as Aiwa squeezed a finger inside her.


Xenova moaned; Aiwa felt his finger being squelched inside.

He laughed and suddenly pulled his finger outside. Xenova’s tender vagina received a violent stimulus; a flurry of intense pleasure attacking her.

Aiwa spread her legs, bringing his body towards her. He clutched her snowy butt as he aimed his huge member drenched in slimey fluids from Cassia’s honey pot towards the slit that had torn open, right towards Xenova’s vulva and then plunged that huge rod inside her.


Xenova screamed in pleasure as she raised her legs over her head.

Aiwa directly jabbed right until her stamen. Xenova was already about to climax and this one thrust by Aiwa had immediately caused the tide to bubble out.

Aiwa released a lewd serpent to take care of Lisa so that she could also orgasm at the same time. After that, he fiercely lunged his meat rod at Xenova’s little hole.

The frequency at which her flesh hole squirmed rose up since she was already about to orgasm. However, no matter how hard she squeezed onto Aiwa’s meat rod, she was unable to influence its motion, contrarily, it instead let his meat rod ferociously grind her vagina.

At this moment, she laid underneath while Aiwa hurled at her, giving her no control. Her whole vagina would be chock-a-block each time Aiwa’s huge member rushed inside. Specifically, that huge glans would make her body muscles tense up whenever it milled her flower bud, making all of her blood rush towards her quim!

Her legs raised in the air trembled at a chaotic order while Aiwa still drove her with force.


Xenova screamed loudly.

Her belly cockled no more but rather a bump arose at its location. The muscles at her quim twitched crazily while the bump remained there for a long time. She could only exhale right now and was unable to take a breath in.

At this time, Aiwa pressed upwards to embrace Xenova’s sweaty body. After a few jerks, a raging lava spurted forth across her flower bud.

The lewd serpent Aiwa had released had also finished its assault at Lisa simultaneously. Lisa laid there, her legs eagle spread, viscid sex fluids covering her whole vulva. Her beaver curled into wet locks as if they had been given a water bath.

Aiwa reclined his body, gazing at those three beauties there each unto their own postures, maybe sitting or leaning across, but sweet gentle womanly feelings flowing within their gazes.

Aiwa’s head pillowed amongst Xenova’s breasts, one of his legs across Cassia’s belly, the other leg entwined with Lisa’s leg.

The three women felt limp all over, relaxing their body as sunlight through the shutter shined upon their snowy naked bodies.

By the time Xenova had slowly recovered her strength, she felt Lovna’s signal.

“Ugh, Captain Lovna’s calling for me!”

The device at her wrist was intensely transmitting the signal from Lovna to her body.

“I want to rest on your breasts for a little longer, they’re really soft!”

Aiwa lazily rolled his body but he didn’t let Xenova come out from under his body.

“She must surely have some urgent matter for calling me!”

Xenova tried to push Aiwa away but how could a girl like her be able to push a tall and sturdy body like his?

“Xenova, can that Captain Lovna give you this kind of happiness? She calls and you’re jumping to go? You’re really obedient!”

Lisa felt a little enmity with Lovna because of yesterday’s matter. She had interrogated her as if she was a spy.

“I’m Captain Lovna’s liaison officer so I naturally have to obey her.”

Xenova crawled out from under Aiwa’s body and then hurriedly put on her wrinkled military uniform. Her panties were already torn by Aiwa but she didn’t have the time to go change them so she wore them as it is. The wind would breeze through that hole under the skirt, causing her to shiver at timesl.

As Xenova left Aiwa’s room, she saw Lovna with a furious face nearby.

“What were you doing? I couldn’t find you for so long!”

Lovna angrily glared at Xenova. She seemed to have looked for her all over the place. Though Lisa was a Psychic and could issue signals towards the receptors, it would, after all, consume her energy.

The energy Psychics accumulate was saved bit by bit and couldn’t be used wantonly. The reason she had used her thoughts to call for Xenova yesterday was only to put up a front of strength in front of Lovna but she hadn’t expected Lisa to be an unfathomable woman.

“I-I was..at Aiwa’s room..”

“What were you doing over there with him? Did I permit you to go there?”

After seeing Xenova’s deferential manner, her anger gradually calmed down. She asked: “What were they doing?”


Xenova bowed her head, a flush covered her entire face.


Lovna suspiciously raised her head to look towards Aiwa’s room, “It seems there’s another woman? What’s the matter?”

She was in charge of the safety and hence had to investigate whether any outsiders had appeared inside the barracks.

“A girl came here to return Aiwa’s sword, she’s called Cassia.”

Xenova hurriedly replied. She couldn’t conceal anything from this Captain.

“To return his sword?”

Lovna wrinkled her brows.

“She stole Aiwa’s sword a few days ago. She specifically came here to return it today. It seems Aiwa has used some kind of spell on her to make her come back to return it.”

Xenova peeked to look at the Captain’s expression as she spoke.

“Why are your clothes so disordered?”

Lovna had already noticed Xenova’s wrinkled jacket and skirt, they even seemed as if they had been pressed by a body after being crumpled. Lovna’s blade like gaze stinging at Xenova made her feel uneasy.

“I … … was having fun with them.”

Xenova’s legs cramped up together. She was anxious that the location under her skirt would be exposed, shaming her in front of her Captain.

“Take care of your appearance even if you’re having fun. Don’t repeat this again!”

She glared at Xenova and again supplemented with these words: “Tell Aiwa to meet me at my office. I have something to talk to him about.”

Lovna clasped her hands behind her back and then walked over towards her office.

Xenova thought: “Aiwa’s really in trouble this time. Maybe the Captain will ask him to have sex with her. He just finished his rounds with three women, would he be able to endure this upcoming huge battle?”


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Re: Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks

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Volume 6 Chapter 7: Life is Oft Filled with Danger

Xenova returned to Aiwa’s room after being reprimanded by Lovna.

Aiwa wore his clothes properly after hearing the matter from the Xenova and made his way towards Lovna’s office, the laboratory.

Lovna blushed upon seeing him come in because she couldn’t help but recall Aiwa shooting his essence through the window last night.

“Captain, did you need me for something?”

Aiwa sat on the table in front of Lovna with a swagger.

“Does that woman have some request of you?”

Lovna sat upright in her chair with a solemn expression, but it still couldn’t conceal her diffidence. She felt as if Aiwa had intentionally shot his essence towards the window last night, that is to say, he had already discovered her spying on him and Lisa making love.

“Isn’t that unrelated to your duty?”

Aiwa didn’t push her over with the matter she was concerned.

“Hah, what could you even do for a woman like that with your strength?”

Lovna snorted with disdain. The only thing she could do right now was to attack Aiwa’s self-confidence in order to save face.

“We’re a pair in which one wishes to hit, and the other hopes to suffer. What’s the problem with that?”

Aiwa felt Lovna really meddled into other’s affairs too much.

Why did she care if Lisa wished to become his sex-slave?

“It seems you’re quite confident with your strength?”

Lovna laughed contemptuously, casting her gaze towards Aiwa, “According to what I’ve inferred, that woman’s strength is no less than mine. This matter she requested of you must not be a simple one then?”

Lovna’s conjecture was completely correct. She wasn’t just a pretty face but rather was a very intelligent and strong woman.

“Does Captain Lovna want to help me promote my strength? Alas, the Dou Qi I cultivate is very special, it needs a woman to pair with. Do you wish to unite with me?”

Aiwa looked at the two high mounds at Lovna’s bosom licentiously, that faint cleavage already had his blood racing.

“I know a place where you can promote your strength quickly, though, I’m afraid you’ll be unable to bear the hardship!”

Lovna provoked Aiwa with her gaze.

“I didn’t even think it was difficult when I had to travel to the East Empire during my childhood. Say it, where is this place you speak of?”

Aiwa was indeed aroused by Lovna. His heart felt unwell, he had to let this haughty woman see the proof with her own eyes.

“It’s a region where the Hass Empire specially cultivates professional, high-level officers. You really need to go there if you want to promote your strength. Though… …”

Lovna hesitated a bit.

“What is it?”

“The military instructor at that place may not necessarily acknowledge my rank.”

“What do you mean?”

Aiwa could already make out something from her words.

“That training base doesn’t take other’s ranking into consideration much, not even a person such as your father. Perhaps only the Queen could influence it.”

“The place is so harsh?”

“The people they cultivate all possess the aptitude to become professional officers. They wouldn’t waste strength on people without enough foundation or talent.”

Lovna lightly drummed the desk with her pencil, sometimes bending that flexible pencil.

Aiwa was convinced that the pencil in her hand could be treated as a weapon for homicide under an urgent situation, a fatal one-hit kill weapon.

“Do you think I look like an incompetent person?”

Aiwa jumped from the table to exhibit his body muscles towards her.

“If only considering your build, then you certainly meet the standard requirement. However, they still may not fancy you as a student officer.”

“It seems that their requirements are quite troublesome.”

“Yes. Before entering the formal training, you’ll have to be examined by them. I don’t even know if you’ll be able to pass the first trial.”

Lovna expressed her worry.

“I can’t take Lisa along with me?”

Aiwa didn’t just want to have fun with her but he really needed a woman like Lisa, one who had enough strength, to pair with him in order to promote his energy.

“Do you think the training base would let you bring your woman to participate in the training?”

“Captain must have also completed this training?”

“I haven’t. I’ve only hear about it, that’s all. If I could join that training, I fear I wouldn’t be sitting here and talking with you. You ought to know that at present only 20-30 people within the entire Hass Empire are undergoing special training there. To this day, not even a single one has graduated from there!”

Lovna’s words made Aiwa open his eyes wide. According to Lovna’s description, Aiwa could imagine his unequalled mighty appearance after graduating from that training base. The real reason he wanted to help Lisa take back the throne was not at all to fulfill her cherished desire to take revenge and carry out her grudge but he rather wanted to take the entire Wolf Kingdom into his hands with his own strength.

“Though I don’t know whether Military Instructor Cartel would acknowledge me, there’s no problem in writing a recommendation letter for you. When I was at the East Empire, we both were upper and underclass mates. He can even be considered as my senior.”

Lovna’s face was filled with pride as she revealed this relation.

“Doesn’t that mean Military Instructor Cartel is also my senior?”

Aiwa was exceptionally excited after hearing this.

Previously, Aiwa had felt that he had been driven away from his home by his father to the East Empire, but he now felt that it was indeed an extreme honour to study abroad.

“Hah, don’t think he’ll take care of you since he’s your senior. He’s a very self-centred person!”

Lovna laughed. She thought of warning Aiwa but she concealed her true thoughts beneath her smile.

“I want to go!”

Aiwa felt the urge to walk into this purgatory. He believed that if he was able to come out of that base using his wits, he would be able to shake the entire Hass Empire.

Lovna took a letter sealed with the emblem of the Hass Empire Barracks from her drawer and then wrote a letter with a graceful calligraphic style. Finally, she signed her name along with the date.

She glanced at her pretty sign once and then lovingly placed it within the envelope. She thought: “I hope this former wooer of mine won’t make things too hard for Aiwa for my sake.”

During the days she was studying at the East Empire, Cartel had once pursued after Lovna stubbornly. Although she didn’t hate Cartel, she hadn’t been moved by him. Thus, Cartel’s efforts were futile. She didn’t know whether Cartel remembered their friendship.

“This is the recommendation letter I’ve written to help you. If you lose it, you won’t even be able to enter the entrance of the base!”

Lovna gazed at Aiwa passionately. She herself couldn’t understand why she was delivering him towards that demonic training base.

Perhaps she felt he was talented? Or had she formed feelings towards Aiwa that a woman would have for a man?

“Only, I just want to know whether sending me to that special training base is your intention or Federer’s?”

Aiwa suddenly recalled that his arrival or departure couldn’t be controlled by a mere Captain as he had been dispatched here by Her Majesty the Queen.

“Federer and I have both consulted and decided this.”

Aiwa curled his lips unhappily after hearing Federer’s name. However, he still carefully placed the letter into his possession.

“Prepare to leave at once! I’ll arrange a carriage for you.”

Lovna always worked in a concise manner. She didn’t want Aiwa to be sloppy regarding this matter.

Aiwa put the letter away and returned back to his residence. Cassia and Lisa still lay atop the bed as they had been exhausted from Aiwa’s teasing.

“Lisa, you must first return back to Khalila Grand Canyon! I have to go to a faraway place, I won’t be able to accompany you.”

Aiwa had never felt sadness before but he suddenly felt his nose become sour as he had to part from these two beautiful women.

“Have you received an important mission?”

The two women queried together.

Aiwa nodded. He wanted to explain more but he feared he would choke with emotion.

“Then, what should I do if I miss you?”

Cassia climbed down the bed to embrace Aiwa with her glossy nude body.

A minute before, Cassia had thought that having sex with Aiwa was only to satisfy her body’s physical needs but she felt reluctant to part with him now. After all, he had taken away her first night, and let her experience the joys of being a woman.

“I believe I’ll be able to see you again soon.”

Aiwa embraced these two lovely women, their tender sentiments making him weak for the first time.

“When will you be leaving?”

“Right now.”

Aiwa picked up the sword and handed it over to Cassia: “Take care of it for me. I hope you’ll be able to find its other pair, the Phoenix Sword.”

His solemn expression made the two of them feel that he didn’t resemble a boy any more, but rather an adult.

“I’ll find it.”

Cassia received the sword earnestly, speaking with confidence. By the time Aiwa had left the Medic Quarters, a standard army type horse carriage was waiting for him outside. The horse driver was seated atop the driver seat. Two mighty first class soldiers stood to either sides of the carriage.

“They’ll be escorting you to the base.”

Lovna wore a solemn expression to mask her reluctance to part with Aiwa.

She tried her best to make sure that the other two women couldn’t catch onto her feelings for Aiwa, wearing a frigid expression of a dignified soldier across her face.

“They’ll be escorting me?”

Aiwa thought it was somewhat funny as she looked at the two first class soldiers.

“They’ll able to solve the tiny troubles for you. At least, you can enjoy the privilege of a Hundred Man General before reaching the Mandeff base, Captain Aiwa.”

Lovna smiled faintly, those impressive twin peaks formed an excellent curve under the military uniform, holding in a ton of enticement.

Aiwa really felt reluctant to leave as he looked at Lovna’s plump and lovely peaks. He thought, “I could definitely capture her affection if I stayed here for a few more days.” However, Aiwa didn’t regret not forcing himself on her before.

Aiwa calmed down his raging heart as he looked at Lovna’s charming face before jumping atop the carriage.

“Set off!”

Aiwa didn’t turn back after getting on. The carriage left the barracks under the gaze of those four women.

“This youngster will finally stop dazzling before my eyes!”

Federer proudly left his office upon seeing Aiwa’s carriage leave the barracks. Federer had felt depressed since the previous battle had been won under Aiwa’s command. He wanted to send him away already but he didn’t have a suitable excuse for it. The request from Lovna to send him towards the special training base, Mandeff, had been opportune.

Lovna had turned around to leave before he could even near her.

She naturally understood the intentions of this superior of hers, her loathe for him was no lesser than Aiwa’s but she had no choice but to obey his orders due to the difference in class. As for Federer, he was also helpless against this woman whose strength was a lot higher than his. She was an unyielding woman, he understood that he absolutely couldn’t touch her.

After Aiwa’s carriage had traversed around 50 km, it reached a robbing-prone zone, but he was totally unaware of this. His excitement had dwindled due to the bumpy ride as he now lay within the carriage drowsily. He didn’t need to worry about something happening to the carriage as it was being guarded by two First Class soldiers.

Suddenly, a group of men holding steel knives came out from the woods to attack them.

Aiwa was roused by the clamour. By the time he had sat upright, the carriage had long been surrounded by at least ten people.

“Give your valuables to us if you wanna live!”

Their leader, a sinister faced man shouted with a coarse voice.

“Do you want to die? This Sir is from the Hass Empire’s army; you tiny thieves dare to make trouble?

The two soldiers acting as the guards immediately wielded their swords to protect Aiwa.

“Hah, don’t think you’ll be able to scare us with that whatever army, I don’t care who he is. You’ll have to handover the toll if you wanna pass through here! Stop your nonsense and quickly bring out the monies!”

The sinister faced man displayed an impatient appearance.

“Who are they?”

Aiwa leaned his body on the carriage’s railing as if he didn’t take these men seriously.

“Looking at the weapons within their hands, they seem to be bandits from the Wolf Kingdom.”

One of the soldiers replied.

“Take care of them, quickly! The journey mustn’t be delayed.”

Aiwa placed his hands on top the railing and closed his eyes.

“As you order!”

The two soldiers immediately began fanning out, displaying various sword attack forms with their swords. One swing would topple a man’s head, followed by another, till only the sounds of swords lingered.

Aiwa opened his eyes after a few minutes, the path before his eyes was laid with corpses.

“Wow, both your sword plays are pretty good! Sorry for troubling you. I don’t have money on me right now but you can ask Captain Lovna after we return!”

Aiwa praised them both. Their skill was indeed pretty good to be able to deal with ten robbers using only their internal energy. It was no wonder that Lovna had asked them to escort him. He wouldn’t have to do the deeds himself with these two together with him.

Aiwa waved his hand to signal the carriage to continue with the journey.

“It’s a pity there weren’t any women amongst these robbers, else, I would have given you a material reward, hehe.”

Aiwa glanced towards those two soldiers, joking around with them.

“Captain Aiwa, if you make your fortune one day, I hope you’ll remember us!”


Aiwa laughed proudly.

They had travelled another few kilometers when they heard a bloodcurdling noise from behind. Turning around to look, there were almost hundred men chasing after them.

“Damn, it seems you both have stirred up trouble this time.”

Aiwa spoke as he looked at the group of armed robbers.

“Don’t worry! Captain Aiwa, we’ll handle them.”

The two soldiers grabbed their sword hilts confidently, prepared to start battling at any moment.

“It’s enough to just kill their leader. As they say: ‘To capture a thief, one must first capture their king.’ There’s no need to kill them all. I’m a soft-hearted person, I can’t bear to see rivers of blood.”

By the time Aiwa finished speaking, that group of robbers had reached in front of the carriage. Their speed was fast as they were all riding horses. The two soldiers standing to either side of the carriage closely guarded Aiwa.

“Who’s your leader?”

One of the soldiers asked loudly.

“Me. It’s too late for you to run now. You’ll pay with your lives for killing my men.”

A tall statured man left the crowd riding his horse.

“Is there anyone here willing to fight against your leader?”

The soldier asked.

No one responded.

“Brat, stop spouting shit. If someone dared to fight me, do you believe I would still be their leader?”

“If there’s anyone who wants to become the next leader, come forward!”

Aiwa sat atop the carriage with a carefree expression, as if he was a senior officer admonishing his subordinates.

“A group of trash!”

One of the soldiers waved the sword within his hand, making it blitz past like a silver snake.

The head of the leader riding the horse fell even before the man could react.

The entire group was stupefied.

“Is there anyone who wants to become the leader now?”

The soldier received the sword into his scabbard, shouting with a stern voice.

All the robbers stood there silently, they couldn’t even see how the head of their leader had been cut off!

“Then don’t disturb our journey again! If you want a good target, go and make trouble for your king! Perhaps he’ll bestow you with money so that you can live a smooth life.”

Aiwa calmly sat on the carriage. His figure had shaken some of the robbers. They could guess that if the man sitting on the carriage sets out, perhaps all hundred of them would lose their lives.

The carriage galloped again, leaving behind absolute silence.

The robbers particularly took care to remember Aiwa’s face before he left so that they wouldn’t pester this reaper again.

The carriage continued to gallop. Aiwa didn’t the know the way to Mandeff, only the carriage driver knew it. After experiencing two blockades and chasers, he still looked relaxed as he rested atop the carriage with his eyes closed.

The carriage suddenly turned into a lane but didn’t lower its speed, instead speeding up. The carriage driver lashed the whip at the sky to make the horses run madly.

Aiwa allowed this as he wanted to reach that mysterious base as soon as possible, to take a look at what kind of monster this Cartel was.

While he was daydreaming, he suddenly felt the carriage shake vehemently. He opened his eyes only to watch the carriage driver leap off the carriage and roll along the curb. The carriage made towards the bottomless abyss before Aiwa could even react.

From atop the carriage, the abyss seemed to be around several hundred feet deep. If someone dropped down, there’s no doubt they would die a horrible death.

Once the carriage had reached the edge, Aiwa grabbed both the guards, one in each hand and jumped off with all his might. The three individuals shot off like an arrow released from a bow, flying towards the precipice on the opposite bank.

Although Aiwa’s flight skill wasn’t perfect yet, he could fly across a long distance by relying on the inertia of the carriage.

The soldiers watched as the carriage galloped into the deep valley. They knew their lives had been saved by an inch. Right now, their bodies felt as light as a feather as they flew towards the opposite bank of the deep valley with Aiwa grabbing them.

It would have normally been impossible to hold the weights of these two persons. Fortunately, he had absorbed the energy which could be used for flight from within Lisa’s body when they had sex at the Khalila Grand Canyon. Of course, Aiwa didn’t know that Lisa had specially transferred this energy to his body. If she hadn’t, even he would have fallen to his death under this urgent situation.

Aiwa circulated his Qi as much as possible to slow their descent. This would enable them to escape from any heavy injuries even if they fell down to the ground.

Luckily, they didn’t fall down to the valley floor and had reached the opposite cliff safely.

The two soldiers grabbed onto branches hanging from the cliff as they were just about to fall, and at the same time, they reached out to protect Aiwa.

Aiwa didn’t look down to see the depth of the valley but rather looked at the carriage driver on the opposite side. He believed this had been done intentionally by the carriage driver.

The carriage driver was unexpectedly peeking at their side while hiding behind a huge stone. He was stupefied by the scene of Aiwa flying along with the two other men. He had never expected these three men to know how to fly!

He immediately crawled down to the ground in fear when he saw Aiwa looking towards his direction, feeling towards the path he had decided on before.

He understood that he would definitely lose his life if caught by Aiwa.

The valley was around 70 m wide. Aiwa clearly couldn’t fly across this distance. He could only do it before from the inertia from the carriage.

To fly from low ground to higher ground, it was easier said than done!

“Do you know the way to Mandeff?”

Aiwa asked the two soldiers who were grabbing their branches nervously.

The soldiers shook their fear filled ashen faces. They didn’t even know whether they would be able to leave this cliff alive, what Mandeff could they be concerned about?

It seemed he had no choice but to grab the carriage driver else he wouldn’t be able to find the real perp!

Aiwa estimated that although it would take a little time, he would be able to chase after the carriage driver by passing through the valley floor.

Heading down towards the valley floor, the distances between the two cliff faces became smaller. There were even some regions on the cliffs which could be used for climbing. Aiwa planned to bring the soldiers till the valley floor.

“Hold onto me tightly!”

“Senior Aiwa, are we really going to go down like this?”

The soldiers hesitated a bit. They had flown towards this side by relying on the inertia from the carriage. If they jumped down the cliff, wouldn’t that be equal to sacrificing their life?

“Do you have any other way?”

Aiwa glared at the scared witless soldiers. They aren’t afraid of charging into the enemy lines but don’t have the courage to jump down into a few metres deep cliff. Aiwa grabbed their clothes before they could even answer.

“Don’t be scared. All will be well if you keep your eyes closed.”

They could only obey Aiwa right now.

The soldiers closed their eyes, life and death, everything depends on luck.

Aiwa sprung and jumped down the cliff with the both of them.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to experience a turbulent sensation, it seemed as if they had just jumped a few feet from above. By the time the soldiers had opened their eyes, the distance from the valley floor didn’t seem to be that scary anymore.

Aiwa flew downwards while carrying them in a single stretch.

They directly landed on a patch of waned grass on the valley floor this time. Water also seemed to be running through the underbrush, which drenched their clothes.

Aiwa hurriedly pulled them out from the underbrush. The valley floor was void of sunlight and the frigid season made the two soldiers tremble.

“Can you use Dou Qi?”

Aiwa asked them.

“A little.”

“Quickly dry off the water on yourselves! I’ll go chase after that brat!”

“What about us?”

They were frightened that Aiwa was going to abandon them after hearing his words.

“We’ll see after I return back.”

Aiwa sprinted towards the opposite cliff. Though climbing up along with these two soldiers was troublesome, it was easy for him to climb up alone. Aiwa climbed up, leaping from one foothold to another and then soon reached the top.

“Captain Aiwa, don’t forget to come back and save us!”

The two soldiers felt happy as well as anxious as they saw Aiwa reach the top. Happy because they had hope for climbing up and anxious of the chances that Aiwa might not return back.

Aiwa glanced towards the valley floor once, the two soldiers seemed to be like two dots.

He hastened to chase the alerted fleeing carriage driver.

At the soldiers’ side, they could see the mangled bodies of the three horses as well as the crushed carriage. They remained on guard since the valley could have held some kind of monster that might attack them.

Aiwa looked over any traces and finally discovered the carriage driver’s footprints.

He chased after the direction they lead toward.

He was sure that the carriage driver wouldn’t dare to stay here after seeing that they were still alive and would flee as fast as possible.

After a few minutes of pursuit, Aiwa finally catch sight of the carriage driver’s silhouette. Aiwa circulated his Dou Qi to accelerate his speed.

As the carriage driver was desperately running, Aiwa suddenly dropped in front of him. The driver immediately kneeled to the floor.

He was already exhausted from running, gasping wildly, not daring to look at Aiwa.

“Where were you planning to run to?”

Aiwa squatted down and poked his chin. The carriage driver’s face lost its colour, not daring to utter a single word, all he could do was gasp coarsely.

“Help me find another carriage and three horses as well.”

Aiwa stood up, it seemed as if he didn’t have any intentions to make things difficult for the driver. He looked all around from a high position and discovered a village. He thought: “I should be able to find a good carriage there.”

The carriage driver slowly stood up after hearing Aiwa’s mild tone. He followed Aiwa towards the tiny village.

After entering, Aiwa strolled around with the carriage driver. He observed each of the houses to determine which house could possibly have a high quality carriage.

During the stroll, he found a house with a pretty good gate and front courtyard but the doorway seemed to be guarded by servants.

Those two neatly dressed servants looked at the ragged attire of Aiwa and the carriage driver, sizing them up and down before asking: “What do you want?”

“We want to rent a carriage.”

Aiwa replied. Despite wearing clothes torn by the rough cliffs, his bearing was something that made both the servants view him in a new light.

The servant didn’t dare act as the master, quickly hurrying towards the inner courtyard. After a moment, the servant came out followed by a youthful teenage girl. She seemed to be like an ethereal angel. Even if the gorgeous apparel on her body were to be ignored, her bright and intelligent eyes as well as her graceful long hair immediately made Aiwa’s eyes gleam.

Aiwa was innately lecherous; one look at a beautiful woman was enough to rouse his vigour.

“Miss, very sorry to trouble you. May we go inside to discuss the matter?”

Aiwa used a refined and courteous tone to dispel the girl’s misgivings.

“Come in!”

The girl moved sideways to let Aiwa and the carriage driver enter the courtyard.


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Re: Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks

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Volume 6 Chapter 8: Tempting the Girl into Fornication

Aiwa sight never left her as he followed. That girl too did nothing to cover up her natural beauty, which had caused Aiwa’s heart to become chaotic.

“You must be famished?”

The kind-hearted girl raised the topic of having a meal after seeing the sorry appearance of Aiwa and the carriage driver.

Aiwa had passed through quite some trouble and really needed to replenish his energy.

“Okay, I’ll make a quick visit back to the entrance.”

Aiwa turned back.

He took out the very few gold coins he had on him and then handed them to the two servants there, telling them in a low voice: “Can you monitor this fellow? Don’t let him move around by himself, all the money is with him!”

Aiwa nonchalantly returned back to the girl’s side.

She immediately ordered someone to prepare a meal, and then again returned to meet Aiwa. Though his clothes were in dredges, it could be made out that those were of a military officer’s, moreover that of one with a high position. The girl naturally formed a good opinion of him after looking at Aiwa’s handsome face along with all these factors.

The household wouldn’t let her go out easily because of gender, therefore she felt quite lonely at home. She was extremely enthusiastic to finally be able to come across a visitor from outside, but she didn’t know Aiwa had already began making plans on her.

“Your father and mother?”

“They do business; I live alone at home. However, some of the matters are handled by me.”

She referred to the matter of the carriage hiring business.

Aiwa’s heart began pounding after listening to her, it seemed that he would indeed be able to taste a top delicacy today. A smile brimming with complacency rose across his face. He was just passing by through here and didn’t plan on living here, since he didn’t have to deceive her for a long time, he could use the shameless and obscene Yin technique.

“What do you do?”

The angelic looking girl asked curiously.

“I’m a military doctor.”

Aiwa seemed really convincing with his military clothes.

“What’s a military doctor doing in such a place? Is there going to be another battle against the Wolf Kingdom’s army?”

Her eyes were wide open with curiosity. She sat across Aiwa with a knee long skirt as her attire, knees huddled together, making it difficult for him to look at the scenes of her springtime. However, it could be induced that her maturity was quite good by looking at the decently sized pair of mounds at her bosom.

“We were carrying out a mission when our carriage fell into a ravine. Two of my soldiers fell into it and are waiting for me to save them!”

Aiwa had already begun operating the Yin technique against her whilst speaking.

At first, the girl hadn’t felt anything strange, she only felt her body gradually warm up but she soon felt as if someone was kneading her breasts, and gently caressing her quim. Although there wasn’t anything there, she felt as if a hand was gently caressing about under her clothes.

She of course thought it a delusion and didn’t care about it but she soon began feeling restless.

“Pardon me, I’ll be returning back inside the house.”

The girl walked over towards her with a slight blush across her face.

Aiwa and the carriage driver sat at the courtyard, they couldn’t enter the house without the permission of the owner.

After a moment, someone had come over to ask Aiwa and the carriage driver to have a meal.

“You can eat first! I’m not feeling hungry.”

The carriage driver had run madly for several kilometres, his spirit had become weary, his stomach rumbling with hunger; As for Aiwa, he could replenish his energy by simply absorbing the sexual fluids of a virgin.

This courtyard had two houses, the girl had clearly withdrawn into the rear court. After a while, a maid haphazardly rushed outside.

“Where’s the young lady?”

Aiwa feigned ignorance.

“The young lady says that her belly hurts! I’m going to go look for a doctor.”

The maid replied.

“No need for that, I’m a military doctor.”

Aiwa spoke with calm. The maid glanced at him, “You’ll be able to treat her?”

“Why not? What kind of illnesses haven’t I seen? I hold a military doctor certificate of the Empire.”

Aiwa patted his chest.

“Follow me!”

The maid guided Aiwa ahead through the house, taking him towards a courtyard; Aiwa could hear the moans of a girl transmitting out from within the house.

Aiwa entered the girl’s room following behind the maid. The girl now lay atop the bed, tossing and turning around whilst covering her belly.

“Come, let me take a look.”

Aiwa reached out to inspect the pupils of the girl, displaying a very earnest act.

He turned to ask the maid: “Is there any Fragrant Crow Grass in this home?”

“There isn’t.”

She shook her head.

“I saw some while I made my journey towards here. Follow the path towards the West and you shall find some at the wayside kilometre away from the entrance.”

Aiwa quite conscientiously ordered her.

Hearing this, the maid personally hurried to set out in order to find it, since she knew how the grass looked and couldn’t risk others making an error.

“Where do you feel unwell?”

“My belly hurts …”

She curled up her legs, cold sweat forming over her face.

“Let me take a look.”

Aiwa placed his hand on top of her belly, softly pushing it, calmly covering over her nave. After a few moments, the girl didn’t feel pain anymore.

“Still hurts?”

Aiwa gazed into her vivid eyes.

“A little but it doesn’t hurt much.”

She looked at this handsome soldier in front of her eyes with gratitude. Only, she felt a little shy as his hand was placed atop her belly.

“Didn’t the real pain actually occur a little lower?”

Aiwa hand descended below whilst kneading her abdomen. She nodded shyly, her lower abdomen contracting due to her high sensitivity as his hand caressed downwards.

“I’ll be inserting my hand now, okay? I won’t be able to inspect your illness without doing that.”


She nodded without hesitation after seeing Aiwa’s actions indeed resembled that of a doctor’s.

Aiwa stretched his hand inside her skirt. He didn’t caress her slender and glossy jade legs but rather directly went to grope her private zone.

The girl was unable to look at Aiwa due to the embarrassment and could only move her sight elsewhere because Aiwa’s finger had already touched her vulva. She suddenly felt a burning hot stream of air flow from her quim towards her pubic region.

“No need to be shy, I’ll massage you now so that the Fragrant Crow Grass can be more effective.”

Aiwa softly kneaded her vulva with his finger, making the girl’s face flush immediately but the counterpart was a doctor, and was now working hard to treat her illness. She could only obey him. Moreover, she would feel a refreshing sensation at her private zone each time his finger kneaded that place.

Aiwa gazed at her face whilst kneading her vulva. Although she had her eyes open, she didn’t dare to look back at him, adding more to her charm. His finger could clearly sense her labia gradually moisten as he kneaded them.

“Do you feel good?”

Aiwa asked the girl as her face bloomed red with charm.

“Oohh… G-Good…”

She glanced at Aiwa shyly.

“This is the cooldown of your first menstrual period, it will become graver later if it isn’t treated properly.”

Aiwa scared her.

The girl lay obediently on the bed, letting herself be kneaded, saying she felt good. Her quim began to swell as Aiwa kept kneading her vulva.

She had cast her sight towards the wall to hide from his gaze but he really wanted to look at her body.

In order to reach this purpose, he released his Dou Qi to proliferate heat within her body. The girl felt her entire body warm up in a moment.

“How is it so warm?”

The girl was unable to endure it.

“I’m trying to expel the frigid vapours within your body but your clothes are in the way. Take ‘em off so that those poisonous vapours can discharge from your body!”

Aiwa advised her.

The girl’s face was dyed red.

“I am a doctor; what qualms do you have in front of a doctor?”

Aiwa said with honour.

“Can I only remove the outer clothing?”

The girl sat up, shedding her outer clothing, revealing her exquisite physique. Her slender legs and lovely breasts were hidden under the thin layer of undergarment; Aiwa could even see her perky pink nipples through the snow white undergarment.

The flimsy undergarment was elevated due to the nubs rising on her curvaceous and lovely breasts. Her moist skin could be made out through it.

“Your underwear seems to be blocking my energy from entering within your body, I can only help you if strip them off. Don’t worry, nothing would happen.”

Aiwa coerced the girl step by step.

She didn’t oppose and let him smoothly pull down her underwear. He discovered that the base of her underwear was already wet after taking them out.

Aiwa caressed her vulva again.

“I’m called Plum.”

Her eyes were dreamy, just about to well up.

Aiwa’s finger stroked along the entrance to her ravine but didn’t particularly go about kneading her clit, his actions having already overwhelmed her.

Her body would sway each time he kneaded her quim, causing the lovely pair of breasts on her bosom to tremble along with her.

The girl was burning with desire but she was embarrassed to speak out. She peeped at Aiwa’s expression, that handsome face of his only made her heart throb vehemently.

“I’m really sorry. My Dou Qi has met an obstruction within your body and is unable to reach your abdomen. I won’t be able to cure your illness this way.”

Aiwa continued to knead her vulva but the solemn gaze with which he looked at Plum made her aroused.

“What kind of obstruction?”

“I can only use an instrument to explore inside in order to pass through it.”

“What instrument?”

Plum could make out what region Aiwa was speaking of. Her breathing became rushed, her heart thirsting for him to embrace, but she still felt a little scared when thinking of the things a man and woman do privately.

“I don’t have that metal instrument with me right now but I can use a part of my body in place of it since the principle behind the operation is the same. This wouldn’t happen normally during treatment because a girl would rather prefer the metal instrument and be unwilling to actually use that refreshing and comforting human organ. I ask you not to let your thoughts be led astray. I don’t want to take advantage of you but this is rather the only way left, how can other things be inserted within your pure vagina?”

Plum helplessly agreed to Aiwa’s dignified speech.

“Alright, but … the door isn’t closed, it wouldn’t look good if a servant came inside.”

Plum was already under the manipulation of Aiwa’s Yin technique, her face brimming with excitement as she crawled from above the bed to pull the window curtains to make the room dim.

Aiwa closed the door and locked it. There would be no need to be anxious that someone would see them this way.

“Close your eyes.”

Aiwa stood in front of Plum’s bed. She now lay atop the bed, her pair of legs pointed towards him, slightly huddled together, expressing her shyness.

She closed her eyes after hearing Aiwa say so. Meanwhile, he removed his trousers, exposing that high-spirited member of his. It had become lively long ago, one look at it would have scared Plum witless.

Aiwa grabbed her butt to pull her till the bedside.

He could look at her vulva if he raised her underwear but he didn’t do so, he only squeezed onto her two plump breasts.

“Mmmn …”

Plum moaned out. She had already felt like doing so when he had kneaded her vulva before but she couldn’t do so due to feeling reserved as a girl.

Aiwa’s hand fondled with her breasts, making her feel limp all over her body. He parted her legs to the side. She curled her legs up simultaneously, causing the snow white undergarment covering her thighs to be raised till her waist, exposing the path from her belly to her vulva instantly.

That sparse bush curved and scattered at her plump mons, her clit aroused, the pink entrance below dripping with sparkling dewdrops.

Plum had already become a sheep steered by the shepherd now, everything going according to Aiwa’s wishes. He unbuttoned her jacket, causing her snowy breasts to spring out. Stooping down, he caressed her warm breasts with his face.

“Ohhh …”

Plum moaned softly. She was unable to bear such teasing and wished for Aiwa to quickly violate her, fuck her vulva with his member.

However, Aiwa had merely let his member loose at atop her vulva and pressed down, grabbing her breasts with his hands to fondle them. Her body would sway each time he did so and thereupon cause her vulva to rub against his member. What vexed her even more that her vulva would itch due to his member rubbing against her aroused clit.

She wasn’t conscious of the pain at her belly now, she had her hands full with enduring the pleasure attacking all over her body.

“Ooohhh … I feel strange …”

Plum muttered, wrinkling her brows.

“Where do you feel strange?”

Aiwa asked though he already knew the answer. He continued to fondle with her pair of breasts, causing them to transform into various forms.

“Ooohhh … at … below …”

Plum felt embarrassed to speak out the name of that location and could only say ‘below’.

“Which place there?”

Aiwa groped her fiercely, making the blood within her entire body warm up, causing her nerves to tense up as if she was about to urinate from that place of hers.

“The pee-pee place …”

Plum overcame her shyness with great difficulty and spoke out the name of the location at which she felt strange.

“I’ll stop fondling you then, okay?”

“Ah … don’t stop … I’ll feel more unwell if you stop …”

She closed her eyes, her face dyed with infatuation. Her legs were half open, shy yet still longing for it. Aiwa got up and saw that when his member had parted from her vulva, it had already become drenched.

He crouched down and sucked her satiny vulva directly, exploring his tongue outwards, sliding it up and down along her labia.

Aiwa raised his head to look at her face whilst he licked her vulva. She had taken the initiative to fondle her breasts herself. At the beginning, her long snowy legs still nestled together to each other but they began to automatically spread outwards after Aiwa had licked a few times. Her legs would sometimes gather together again when she wasn’t able to bear his licking, hinting for him to lick a little gently.

“Aaahhhh … It itches inside …”

Plum wiggled her butt, causing her upper body to jiggle as well. There wasn’t a single place left on her body which wasn’t being attacked by pleasure as she groped her own breasts with all her strength.

Aiwa sucked her clit gently, causing her to shudder. Her quim trembled suddenly and then jetted out a surge of jade fluids. He pressed his mouth forwards again, invading her nectar source with his tongue. His tongue could feel her entrance squeezed onto it just like an infant sucking a mother’s nipple.

Sex fluids kept squirting out from inside.

Right as Plum was in the middle of feeling it, Aiwa stopped licking and climbed atop the bed.

She shot a glance towards his groin, gazing at his huge doppelganger. Though she was inexperienced about sex, she knew that the process included a man thrusting it into a woman’s honey pot.

“Get up.”

Plum got up, her sight subconsciously peeking at his member.

She had already guessed that she would be losing her chastity today when Aiwa had stripped her, but she was somewhat puzzled by his behaviour.

“Why didn’t you …”

She blushed. She still couldn’t speak out that word.

“How can I do so without your permission? A man ought not to force a girl against her will, I’m worried you won’t feel happy.”

He looked at her half-naked appearance.

“I wish … for you … to fuck me.”

She shyly caressed his thighs but didn’t dare to touch his member.

“You can play with it.”

Aiwa could see through her thoughts.

Her hand followed along his thighs, sliding along till it reached that place.

A mere light touch from her had caused that monster to be roused up. She looked up to glance at Aiwa, thinking that it was really fun. She became more brazen, winding her fingers around it. Grabbing it caused it to droop suddenly, just like a snake, which in turn frightened her and made her release it.

“It’s all right, you can play more.”

Aiwa gazed at her pure yet alluring face, “Like this.”

He guided her hand to make it grip his member and made her hand stroke it up and down. The glossy glans immediately exposed itself outside from within the foreskin.

Plum really didn’t expect that thing would still be able to transform in such a way. He released her hand and let her play as she wish.

Albeit a bit clumsy at the beginning, her fingers twisted around his member quite swiftly in no lesser than a few minutes. She grabbed it with force, making that glans appear plumper.

“Do you wish for it to be inserted within that place of yours?”

Aiwa caressed her shoulders.

“I do…”

She shyly lowered her head.

“It will hurt if it’s inserted like this.”

One of his hands clutched her breast.

“What should be done then?”

Plum raised her head, asking Aiwa with doubt. Her eyes were filled with shy but the purity within them were as clear as lake water.

“You can use your mouth to lubricate it. That will make it slide inside easily.”

His member within her hands enlarged again as he gazed at her cute appearance.

Aiwa estimated that the maid should have reached that place and must be looking for the Fragrant Crow Grass around this time. He wasn’t anxious even if she returned, Plum had already fallen into his plot, he would surely be able to taste her if she wished so.

Plum stooped down her head to suck Aiwa’s huge glans within her mouth. Her mouth was a bit smaller than it, causing her cheek to bulge out after she had taken all of the glans inside her mouth, that’s just how huge it was.

Aiwa lay there comfortably, spreading his legs so that she could lay on her stomach there to suck his member.

“Try taking it deeper.”

Aiwa closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation. He could feel her licking the glans, not daring to suck deeper.

After hearing Aiwa’s words, she sucked another section of it inside, almost half of his member had been swallowed and then slowly released.

“Yes … like that … suck in and then out, do it faster …”

He felt pleasant as she sucked him. At the same time, he could sense Plum’s legs twine with his left leg.

Perhaps due to the itch she felt, her body would sway lightly each time she sucked Aiwa’s member. Her vulva would rub against his leg, causing it to spout out a satiny fluid which would moisten Aiwa’s leg.

“Plum… use your breasts to massage it…”

He spread out his legs as much as he could, exposing his member and the balls to her.

Plum released his member from his mouth. She stroked it for a while and then moved her body upwards to press her breasts against it.

She could feel the pleasure from her naked body rubbing against his. She very obediently did as Aiwa asked her to.

Her breasts squeezed onto that huge rod whilst her hands were placed at Aiwa’s waist. Her bosom jiggled at his groin, those two plump breasts massaging it using circular motions. It really gave Aiwa a refreshing sensation.

“Ooohhh …”

He moaned with pleasure. Even though he had experienced sex with several women, he had never felt so good before. Plum had learnt very quickly on the how-to by following Aiwa’s instructions. She simultaneously massaged his meat rod with her mounds as well as licked his body. Aiwa’s meat rod became harder as he watched her pure yet immoral actions.

After massaging for a while, she pleaded him: “My lower part is itching … the maid … ‘ll return soon …”

She seemed to have forgotten that she was still a virgin, pleasing Aiwa to fuck her in spite of feeling shy.

“Can you handle it yourself?”

Aiwa wanted to train this girl properly.

“I… can’t…”

She awkwardly looked at Aiwa.

“It’s alright, I’ll teach you…”

Aiwa stripped the clothes remaining on her body, letting her ride across his groin completely naked. He spread her legs apart, making the vagina open up a little, causing spring fluids to gush out. He caught his member and jabbed the glans right at the entrance.

“Push down, be a bit brave.”

Aiwa’s scalding member pushed through her labia and invaded inside her. Those lower lips wrapped around his member firmly.

She was quite tight; both of them felt good.

“Like this, do your best to sit down in one go.”

Plum at once sat down with all her strength.

“Pzz”, Aiwa’s meat spear lunged inside!


Plum screamed out. Her vagina clamped hard around Aiwa’s meat rod.

The pain had somewhat caught her off guard, surprising her. However, she soon felt the pain become submerged within the pleasure bubbling up within her.


Plum’s body continued to press down. Only a small section of that long meat rod was left outside! Aiwa could also feel her blooming flower bud inside her body at the same time.

“Raise your body upwards and then push down again, it would bring pleasure to you if you do it that way…”

She began to raise and drop her body according to Aiwa’s instructions, causing her snowy breasts to wiggle merrily as well.

Plum’s movements became quicker, bringing her all the more pleasure. She had sucked as well as massaged Aiwa, now making his meat rod slide in and out of hert. It had taken most of her strength, causing fragrant sweat to seep out of her body.

Aiwa suddenly sat up and embraced her snowy naked body. The two began kissing fervently. Her tongue intertwined with his under this guidance, sucking onto his tongue. Her vagina also clamped onto his meat spear with force.

Aiwa gently lay her on the bed but their bodies didn’t separate at all during the course of the events.

She had subconsciously parted her legs to the side, solely focusing on Aiwa as he lay atop her body. He confined her hands of its movements and began thrusting at her, making long and deep lunges. Though the rhythm was slow, he would invade up till the mouth of her cervix each time.

After lunging a few times, he discovered that her uterus seemed to resemble a pot, a small mouth with a large interior. The base was that sensitive flower bud; it’s middle portion was the mouth. Aiwa’s meat spread would try to invade into that little mouth at every charge.

“Ooohhhh… Aaaahhhhh…”

Plum moaned madly. Her vagina would contract quite tightly at times, squeezing onto Aiwa’s member and then again release it after a while, letting Aiwa experience the warm jade broth inside. Her flower bud bloomed out and Aiwa could feel it open up each time his glans collided against it. That small mouth would immediately try to suck the glans inside.

Aiwa had never expected that he would encounter such a strange woman at this village, it aroused his mood evermore.

When Plum had released his glans, he didn’t deeply lunge into her but rather made quick thrusts at her lower lips, making them wrap tightly immediately. Though it sucked with force, Aiwa was still able to slide in and out due to the huge amounts of secretions acting as a lubricant.

“Aaahhhh… I can’t bear it… fuck me faster…”

She screamed, unable to bear his teasing. Her flower bud opened up even more, causing her body to tremble violently.

Aiwa lunged at her rapidly, not letting her lower lips to relax even for a moment. She could only lower her quim. Aiwa also matched her and raised his groin upwards as he didn’t want to tease her for that long. However, after they persevered this position for a while, their nether regions parted again.

“Please… faster… fuck me faster…”

Plum closed her eyes, licking her lips as her body was dampened by sweat.

Aiwa suddenly pushed upwards, jabbing that pike to the depths.


The pleasure and pain had fused together, causing Plum to shiver vehemently. She embraced Aiwa’s waist, not letting him part from her.

Despite that, Aiwa could still thrust at a small margin. Her flower bud made a full bloom, that small mouth opening wide to engulf his meat rod inside.

Hot burning lava puffed into Plum’s volcano, her body convulsing from the extreme pleasure it brought.


Aiwa’s meat rod still remained erect, lunging at her flower bud. The indescribable pleasure from the flower bud’s little mouth sucking onto his glans made him cum again.

He could feel her vagina clamp onto him tightly after that. He stopped moving and lay atop her naked body. Their bodies were drenched in sweat though the season was cold.

Plum’s slim body propped up Aiwa’s sturdy body, totally unconscious of the exhaustion. She liked the feeling of him pressing onto her. Her hands caressed his back gently, transmitting a girl’s unbounded love for her man.

She kissed his face and ears as she caressed him. Her breasts were being squeezed between their bodies as Aiwa was busying himself by kissing her neck.

“If I gave birth to your child, would you recognize them?”

Plum hugged Aiwa. At this moment, a motherly awareness was born within her.

Perhaps it was too soon for a 17-year-old girl to become a mother but she really wanted to give birth to his child.

“I’ll recognize them, they are my seed, why wouldn’t I?”

“Will you ever return here?”

Plum hadn’t hoped for Aiwa to marry her and only wished that he would recognize their child. That would be equivalent to recognizing her.

“I’ll return!”

Aiwa raised his head, his member within her provoking her again.

Plum suddenly embraced his neck, tears welling up at her eyes.


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Re: Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks

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olume 7 Chapter 1: Tempting the Madame and the Lady into Fornication

Aiwa and Plum had already settled their clothes by the time the maid returned back with a clump of black vanilla orchid.

“It’s all right, he has cured me already. “

Plum glanced towards Aiwa with a slight blush across her face as she ordered the maid.

The maid was flabbergasted, looking at Aiwa and then towards Plum, feeling it was a bit inconceivable: “Cured without the black vanilla orchid? I ran so far to gather it! “

She felt disappointed that there was no use for the vanilla orchid even though she’d expended a great amount of strength to get hold of it.

“Thank you, Mia. Perhaps your sincerity had touched the gods. “

Plum didn’t want Mia to feel down. No matter who they were, anyone would expect to receive some kind of recognition for putting in their effort to complete a task

“You can keep the vanilla orchid here! It may prove useful another time! This doctor wouldn’t be able to stay here forever, right, Milady?”

The maid insisted.

At this moment, a young woman walked in through the entrance.

She wore gorgeous clothes, her appearance flirtatious and looked to appear around 18-19 years old. However, her gaze and figure bosomed myriad kinds of mien.

“Plum. Who’s this visitor?”

Her almond-shaped eyes caught sight of the pretty boy as soon as she entered the courtyard.

“This is a military doctor who was passing by. He helped to cure Lady Plum’s illness, a really brilliant expert!”

The maid hurriedly replied to the Madame’s questions.

This Madame was none other than Plum’s second Mother. Her father had two wives; this young lady was the second wife.

“A military doctor? Which illness has he cured my elder daughter of?”

The Madame sized up Aiwa with suspicion.

Plum’s face blushed; she didn’t reply because it was a really embarrassing matter.

The maid helped her out, whispering into the Madame’s ears in a low voice: “It’s a gynecological problem.”

Her face became plump red immediately. She laughed and then stepped forwards towards Aiwa, shooting a charming glance towards him before asking quietly: “I also have a gynecological problem, can I request this handsome man here to help in curing it?”


Aiwa could make out from her expression that she didn’t believe he was a military doctor and wanted to expose his deeds. She was an experienced person and had immediately inferred something from the unnatural blush on Plum’s face.

“Follow me! My room is at the Eastern part.”

She sent an affectionate gaze towards Aiwa and then proceeded towards her room.

Aiwa looked towards Plum. She nodded to express her agreement. After all, she was her second mother and could do nothing about her request for Aiwa’s treatment. However, she and her second mother weren’t close so she didn’t follow them towards the Eastern courtyard.

Though the Eastern courtyard wasn’t as huge as Plum’s, it’s quality was absolutely top-notch, flaunting its lavishness.

This residence had been established for her to live alone by Plum’s father as his two wives living together would have lead to problems. There was no need for concern if they lived separately.

“I’m Sheila.”

The Madame introduced herself to Aiwa after entering the courtyard.

Aiwa followed behind her, solely preoccupied with appreciating her curvy buttocks. His face blushed immediately up to the ears as he wasn’t expecting her to turn around suddenly.

“I’m Aiwa, a military doctor stationed at the Hohfeld Garrison.”

Aiwa gave a shameless self-introduction, if not, Sheila would surely hold him as a big cheater.

Sheila laughed, her eyes filled with amorous ripples.

He thought: “This kind of woman… her husband would have no chance at satisfying her!”

He accompanied her to the bedroom. It was decorated quite comfily, brimming with an intoxicating fragrance.

“What illness of Plum did you cure?”

Sheila’s keen gaze peered towards Aiwa as he took his seat on the chair, almost resembling an interrogation.

“She had caught a cold during the menstrual period which had led to menstrual pain. I used a cold dispelling technique to force the poisonous cold out from within her body. She naturally felt better after that.”

Aiwa didn’t understand medicine at all and had merely cooked up a few random things but Sheila felt as if his words made sense and thereupon asked again: “Can you take a look at what illness I have then?”

She looked at Aiwa coquettishly, her gaze revealing a tint of seduction and tease.

“I can surely find it out if you allow me to touch your belly.”

Aiwa spoke confidently.

“You aren’t planning to take advantage of the situation, right?”

Sheila’s gaze possessed a bit of a warning yet again seemed to be tempting him.

“I can leave if you don’t feel at ease. I wouldn’t want to sully Madame’s reputation.”

Aiwa prepared to get up and leave.

“What are you doing? I was just kidding, that’s all, you mustn’t take it to heart! I’m unable to sleep properly these days. I need a doctor to figure out what’s wrong with my body.”

Sheila’s expression seemed somewhat serious.

“Come, lie down on the bed. Let me feel it.”

Aiwa said uprightly.

“Others look at the patient to infer the illness, but you feel it through touch?”

She laughed with a flushed face.

“Hehe, this is body palpation! How will I be able to conclude which disease you’re afflicted with without using my hands?”

Sheila said no more and obediently lay on the bed. She lifted her skirt to reveal her pure white panties.

Aiwa sat down and reached out his hand to caress her underbelly. She immediately felt a puff of heat permeate into her abdominal region through his hand.

This convinced her that he wasn’t a swindler and really had some abilities.

She looked at him uneasily but he merely glanced at her plump mounds once before shutting his eyes, seeming as if he was trying to make a judgement.

Aiwa was currently using his Dou Qi to take a look at her body.

Although he wasn’t a doctor, Aiwa still had an understanding of the human body’s channels. If they were obstructed, a person would fall ill; if they were clear, then there wouldn’t be any problems.

After making an inspection once, he was surprised to discover that not only was she devoid of any problems, she seemed to be a woman with a rather strong lust. The reason she wasn’t able to sleep properly these past few days was because there was no outlet for that lust to be released.”

“I’ve found the ailment, Madame.”

Aiwa received his hand back and pulled down her skirt to cover her underbelly.

“What ailment is it?”

She didn’t believe she had some been inflicted with a serious illness and definitely wouldn’t believe Aiwa if he revealed it to be some special disease.

“You don’t have any serious illness, only, if this small ailment isn’t settled quickly, it would surely jeopardize Madame’s health in the future.”

Aiwa made an earnest show.

“Quickly, speak what ailment it is!”

Sheila felt anxious after hearing his words.

“Madame’s lust is very vigorous and since it hasn’t been able to find an outlet, it has affected your sleep. In the long run, not only would it cause your complexion to deteriorate rapidly but would cause damage to your internal organs as well.”

“Don’t scare me!”

She was really scared.

“How can we treat it?”

She looked at Aiwa anxiously, waiting for him to answer.

Aiwa contemplated for a moment.

“The cause for your illness is your husband’s inability to satisfy you, therefore you’ve remained in a sexually craving state and a depressive mood since long, right?”

“You’re right!”

Aiwa’s words had touched her heart’s worries. She also believed she had an extremely strong sexual desire but her husband had never been able to satisfy her, not waiting for her to orgasm each time they associated. She still hadn’t been able to become pregnant till now.

Aiwa’s analysis for the cause of her illness was right on mark but Sheila wished for him to be able to completely cure this illness away, therefore, she asked with a smile: “Do you have a way?”

“There’s a method but I believe Madame would be unwilling to choose it. I have an instrument which can satisfy your desire and that would naturally make your mood happy. After that, it would only require you to abstain from going to bed with men, as this would affect your mood again. In this way, you can forever remain healthy and also keep your sexual fantasies in control.”

Sheila believed his words. She had never been able to receive satisfaction from Plum’s father after getting married while her desire only grew more intense. Plum’s father had begun feeling weaker in spirit and also visited Sheila’s room less and less.

As time passed, her crave for sex grew stronger. When she saw Aiwa today, her lust seemed to have found an outlet and this was the other reason she had brought Aiwa to her room.

There was no need for Aiwa to explain, she had already guessed what instrument Aiwa was speaking of, it was naturally that member of his body.

Her face brimmed with zeal as she thought until here. Wouldn’t it mean committing adultery if she had sexual relations with his man? This really made this young woman nervous as she had never done this before.

“Shall I proceed?”

Aiwa looked at her.

“No problem. We can only do such in order to treat the illness.”

Sheila lay down on the bed, untying her clothes but she didn’t take them off. If Aiwa pulled at them slightly, her clothes would peel off her body in an instant.

Aiwa sat there, looking at her. Her breathing had become rushed, bosom undulating up and down.

“If you really want it, I believe you would be willing to help me take off my clothes.”

Aiwa shifted towards the bed and lay beside her.

Sheila hesitated a bit and then got up, her hand stretching towards his waist. She unfastened his belt first and then took off his shirt, revealing his bare torso.

Her slender satiny fingers caressed his rugged back and gradually made their way towards his groin, softly gripping that rock hard member there.

She looked at Aiwa with excitement. Her fingers twisted around it, arousing Aiwa in turn. Her blue eyes resembled the deep ocean, surging with violent waves.

“Come up…”

Sheila closed her eyes to conceal her blue eyes.

“Shall I make you wet?”

She didn’t speak, expressing her silent consent. Aiwa stooped down towards her quim and raised her skirt, exposing her snowy naked body.

Her skin was smooth and pale, one look was enough make a man’s blood race.

Aiwa’s hand caressed back and forth at her legs. Gradually, his mouth neared her womanhood.

He bowed down to press his lips against her vulva; it was already moist. He extended his tongue to lick there.

Sheila’s body trembled the moment his tongue came into contact with her tender labia, making her moan: “Ooohhh… feels really good!”

She moved her body, spreading her legs out more so that her vulva was exposed completely. The labia had also been revealed outwards.

Aiwa sucked her vulva, lightly at first and then with force. That kind of sucking made her feel as if her womb was being sucked out.

“Ahhh… really pleasant…”

As he sucked, Aiwa used the tip of his tongue to provoke her flesh pearl; this was a woman’s most sensitive region.  Sheila felt all her nerves go numb as Aiwa merely licked her. However, he didn’t stop and pressed towards her clit, his tongue rubbing against that flesh bead with circular motions.

“Ohhhh… Mmmnn…”

Aiwa’s licking caused her breasts to jiggle and buttocks to wriggle.

He didn’t want to waste time and hence used this method to excite her desire. He crawled up as Sheila grabbed his erect meat rod, bringing it towards her flesh cave.

Aiwa was already crazed due to this sexy woman, she needed no words, a glance here and a laugh there was enough to express her emotions.

He experienced a blood rush, feeling as if he would be unable to control it even by using his Dou Qi.

As his body pressed down, that huge meat rod slowly invaded Sheila’s dripping wet flesh cave.

Sheila felt that burning hot and huge meat rod sift through her vaginal walls and the sensations it brought as it pushed further in.

As if tasting sweet wine, she felt reluctant to swallow his rod with one thrust but rather did so little by little. Sex fluids covered Aiwa’s meat rod, overflowing from her cave. Aiwa couldn’t push in completely at the first thrust but the feeling of peering through those walls had already caused Sheila to moan with pleasure.

“Aaaahhh… can you go deeper?”

Sheila furrowed her brows, adopting an infatuated expression, but she could feel that Aiwa only thrusted half the depth each time. He didn’t knock against her flower bud and this made her unable to sense the pleasant sensation of the glans grinding her bud.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll slowly go deeper…”

The next time Aiwa jabbed towards her, his meat rod pushed deep like a drill.

“Oooohhh… finally… ahhh… feels good…”

She arched her waist upwards immediately. Aiwa had not only knocked hard against her flower bud but also grinded it; that numb feeling made her moan out loud.

Sheila moved her waist lightly as if to avoid his meat spear, and again seemingly catering to Aiwa’s thrusts. The intense pleasure caused another surge of fluids to puff out from her vagina, making it a damp marsh.

Aiwa struck her tender stamen with a rhythm and Sheila followed it, clamping onto him accordingly. Both of them seemed to have reached an understanding, Aiwa would slow down the rhythm whenever Sheila was about to orgasm so that she could experience it for a longer duration.

He made her cum in little amounts in small intervals, making sure both of them reached an orgasm at the same time.

After Aiwa had entered her second mother’s room, Plum pondered: was the reason she had called him there, was to do what they had done a while ago?

Plum didn’t understand the matters of adults much but she nevertheless could make out that her second mother was unsatisfied with her father in that aspect. Once Sheila had experienced Aiwa’s magic, would she be ready to let him go?

She couldn’t endure it anymore and instantly ran out from her room towards Sheila’s courtyard.

The courtyard door was already closed at this moment. After opening the door, she found a maid standing at the room entrance, doing needlework. She obstructed Plum’s way.

“The Madame is being inspected by the doctor inside, Milady isn’t allowed to go in!”

The maid blocked Plum’s way with both her hands spread wide, not letting her go inside.

“Get out of the way!”

Plum could hear Sheila’s moans from outside. She pushed the maid aside and rushed in.

Within the room, Sheila lay on the bed with her legs spread aside, raised upwards around Aiwa’s body. Aiwa’s lay atop her body, kneading her snowy breasts while he fucked her.

“Sheila! You’re really shameless!”

Plum was shocked at the scene in front of her. She had never expected that Sheila, an already married woman, would unexpectedly seduce another man. Moreover, seeing her legs flutter lasciviously as Aiwa fucked her made her, the daughter, to feel really ashamed.

To Plum, shaming her father was equivalent to shaming her.

She turned around to leave the room in fury, returning back to her courtyard.

Though Sheila had been discovered by Plum, her quim seemed to twitch already, all her nerves feeling taut as she felt a huge energy about to spurt out from there.

“Ahhh… Quicker… “

She couldn’t be bothered about Plum right now, she only desired for Aiwa to go deeper, faster, to fuck her until she reached the zenith of happiness. Aiwa began to deliver deep and powerful thrusts suddenly, no matter how much she tried to clamp onto his member, she couldn’t succeed in stopping him from the causing the convulsions at her quim. A warm fluid instantly flowed outwards.

That liquid engulfed Aiwa’s meat spread. Aiwa absorbed the energy Sheila had amassed from a long time. Only, this energy couldn’t compare to that of Plum’s, not to speak of Lisa.

Aiwa begun to thrust crazily with the help of the smooth fluids.

“Aaahhh… you’ll kill me… stop thrusting…”

Sheila screamed. Her mad yell made the maid outside completely wet. If it wasn’t for her identity as a maid, she would have fucked a round with Aiwa.

Sexual secretions squirted out from her honey pot along with her screams as Aiwa made a flurry of ferocious thrusts.

He embraced her tightly, spraying that semen at her flower bud with force.


Sheila could finally take a breath.

As she enjoyed this pleasure, she began to worry. Plum would surely tell today’s matter to her father, that would doom her.

Not waiting to experience the pleasure completely, Sheila withdrew away from Aiwa’s body, stating: “This really won’t do, I’ll go look for Plum.”

She franticly donned her clothes and hurried towards Plum’s courtyard.

Plum lay on her bed with anger. Sheila immediately walked there and sat beside her, trying to soothe her: “Plum, what you saw just now… Actually, it was Aiwa curing my illness, didn’t you also let him treat you? What do you think your father would do if he knew this?”

At this time, Aiwa also walked inside. Looking at him, she turned away in anger, she believed he let her down.

“I was only helping Madame Sheila, that’s all. Moreover, Plum, your illness hasn’t been cured completely, there’s still a final step left, else it would bring grave consequences later on.”

Aiwa’s words made her sober up. He was only a doctor passing by, why was she so fixated on possessing him? Just now, she had only seen him help to treat Sheila’s illness, that’s all.

In order to cover up and prevent her from revealing anything, Aiwa was planning to have a threesome with them. This would prevent her from revealing the matter of Sheila and Aiwa having an affair to her father.

“What’s the final step?”

Plum felt that her body was already well, how could it need more treatment?

“I still have to expel the remnant frigidity from your body. I won’t have time to help you as I would be leaving for a journey soon. You can accept the treatment by laying atop this bed! That would save me some time.”

Aiwa looked towards the pair of beauties, expressing his intentions.

Sheila and Plum looked at each other, Sheila took the decision: “Plum, we aren’t outsiders anymore. You can lay down on the bed here! You mustn’t delay Mr. Aiwa’s work.”

She had guessed the genuine reason Aiwa had proposed such an arrangement and hurriedly matched his words to persuade Plum.

“That… alright!”

Though a bit shy, Plum agreed. What surprised her was that Aiwa first asked Sheila to strip naked and lay on the bed and then asked her to do so as well.


Plum hesitated a bit.

“Strip quickly! There’s no taboo when treating an illness, what are you scared of?”

Sheila urged her.

Plum helplessly stripped naked and lay down beside Sheila.

The scene of these two beauties laying naked side by side was really fascinating, snowy mounds adjacent to each other with those four captivating mouth-watering mulberry like nipples.

Aiwa fondled their breasts for a moment and then caressed their quim. Each caress from his hand would make their bodies quiver.

His hand snaked towards the crux of her legs, softly slapping it. Sheila parted them to the sides and let his hand cover her vulva, letting him grope. It had already become wet.

Aiwa then came over to Plum’s side, stooping down to suck onto Plum’s nipple whilst his other hand targeted Plum’s private region. It was dry as she’d already taken a bath and cleaned up when Aiwa had gone with Sheila.

However, when he inserted his finger inside, he could feel the slippery walls, just like entering an everglade.


Plum moaned as Aiwa curled his fingers. The tide which had withdrawn recently was being provoked again.

“You two can sandwich each other. Try to spread out your legs as much as possible and the person on top mustn’t block the vulva of the person under, if not, it would be difficult for me to make movements.”

He gazed at them as the beauties got into position, but they couldn’t understand how exactly to sandwich each other.

Finally, Sheila decided to lay underneath and let Plum lay atop her. They struggled a bit to embrace each other, finally adopting a posture which revealed Sheila’s dripping wet vulva outside completely. If he wished, Aiwa would be capable of shifting from within Plum’s vulva to Sheila’s easily.

Plum lay on her, Sheila placed her hands on Plum’s thighs, making her open up her legs wide, exposing the pink entrance of her tender vulva from which sparkling fluids seeped out.

Their bodies were quite close to each other. Plum’s buttocks lay atop Sheila’s belly. This made it convenient for Sheila to knead Plum’s vulva whilst Aiwa fucked Sheila. All this caused a chain-reaction which pressed Sheila towards her orgasm as well as made her accelerate the rhythm at which she kneaded Plum’s vulva. Therefore, when she felt good, it would also cause Plum lying atop her to experience a wave of pleasure as well.

Aiwa’s huge meat rod invaded the depths of Sheila’s vagina with a slow rhythm. Sheila would softly knead Plum’s clit accordingly, their moans rose one after other, occurring in a harmonious unbroken succession.

Plum’s clit had become hyperaemic due to Sheila’s kneading, rising up high. A slight touch immediately made her body shudder. Gradually, a stream of sparkling fluids flowed out of her vulva.

“Ahhhh… ohhh… it itches…”

Plum moaned softly. Aiwa pulled out his meat spear and pushed into Plum’s deep valley.


Her moans became crazier as his meat rod stabbed in, her vagina squeezing onto that huge member tightly.

Aiwa continued to invade deeper, his glans touching her flower bud.

After being poked by Aiwa, Plum’s flower bud immediately opened, allowing his glans to enter inside.

Both of them experienced a thrilling sensation as that glans jabbed at her little mouth.

Sheila, underneath was unable to hold on, as the pleasure was making her wiggle madly.

Her groping skill after all couldn’t compare to Aiwa’s meat rod. That fierce itch, rising within her depths, only persecuted Plum’s body, making her feel unwell.

“Aaaahhh… Aiwa… pound me harder…”

Atop Sheila’s body, Plum screamed wildly, under the suffering of her kneading.

Aiwa’s meat rod thrust deep into her meat cave, pushing against her flower bud, he began grinding it rather than thrashing it.

“Aaaahhhhh… oohhh…”

Plum convulsed, groping her jade breasts, kneading with all her strength as she let out her spunk.

Aiwa released Plum’s hands as he saw this, laying on her back, he sucked onto her nipple whilst absorbing her sex fluids.

Plum’s Venus underwent a series of convulsions, exciting Aiwa’s huge member all the more. He spurted out semen after a while, the Yang essence and her sex fluids mixing together.

Aiwa pulled out of her vagina, once again boring into Sheila’s, followed by a series of quick thrusts. Sheila wiggled madly, her vagina clamping onto Aiwa’s meat rod with force, sucking onto it fiercely.

Aiwa released his essence within her, causing her body to undergo an upheaval.

Right now, Plum felt as if her body had been hollowed out, giving an unpleasant sensation. After satisfying Sheila, Aiwa thrust into her again, stopping down to kiss her tiny mouth simultaneously.

Her fragrant tongue greedily swept across his mouth, meanwhile, her vagina loosened up and tightened again, as if wanting to suck out all of Aiwa’s essence.

After a long time, Plum released Aiwa’s tongue, but her body continued to quiver as the ethereal pleasure drafted her strength over the limit, and as a result she lay on Sheila’s body, unable to budge at all.

“Plum, will you reveal this matter to your father?”

Aiwa caressed her enticing body, occasionally sucking her perky nipple.

“Don’t worry, I’ll guard this secret.”

She slowly rolled off Sheila’s body like a piece parting from a frame.

She had never expected to fuck this man along with her second mother; it made her feel a little reluctant to part.

The sensation of Sheila kneading her clit a moment ago had made her feel good.

“Sheila, when will we able to do this again with Aiwa?”

She had a premonition that an opportunity like that would pass by rarely as Aiwa would set about soon.

“Be at ease! I’ll come again once I’ve finished my mission.”

Aiwa got down the bed and put on his clothes.

At present, his most important objective was to enter the Mandeff base. From there, he would learn the skills needed to conquer the world.


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Re: Volume 6 Chapter 5: Immorality at the Barracks

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